What to Tell Your Pet Sitter Before you Head out of Town

Are you anxious about leaving your pet home when you head out of town for work or pleasure? Experiencing anxiety as you head out of town is completely expected.  All pet parents worry about the level of care their pet will receive as well as things that can go wrong. However, arming your pet sitter with some vital information about your pet and home before you leave can minimize your anxiety. It can also help your pet sitter take the best possible care of your pet while you’re out of town.


Entering your Home

It might seem silly, but when you really think about it there are multiple ways to enter most homes. Do you want your pet sitter coming in the front door, back door, or garage door? Think about your regular way of entering the home.  Allowing your pet sitter to mimic your routine will put your pet in the position of not feeling any element of surprise or anxiety when the door is opened. It also will alert others in the neighborhood that someone is “home”.  Also, be sure to leave all keys, alarm codes, garage door openers or any other item that allows your pet sitter to enter your home quickly and easily.  Doing this will keep your pet at ease and also keep your home safe.


Pet’s Behavioral History

Your pet sitter should know all about your pet’s behavioral history and temperament.  This is important even if your pet won’t be leaving home. Does your pet experience anxiety, fear or aggression in any situation?  Does your act out in certain ways when left alone? Is your pet prone to tearing up toilet paper, getting into closets or pantries, or self-harming in any way? Does your dog try to chase the mailman, cats, cars, or kids on bikes? Providing your pet sitter with this type of information will keep your pet safe and out of danger’s path.


Mealtime Routines

Pets are creatures of habit. They live by their internal clock which is often dictated by the routines of the human members of the household. Keeping your pet’s mealtime routines as close to normal as possible will help to keep your pet happy and stress-free.

Mealtime Routines

Location of Supplies

What will your pet need while you are out of town? Make a list of everything your pet sitter will need for your dog and note the location for each item.  Think about meals, toys, leashes, medicine, grooming items, towels, bedding and more. The last thing you want is your pet sitter having to spend all the allotted time in your home searching for supplies.


Pet’s Medical History

Leaving your pet sitter with your pet’s medical history is a must. Anything can happen when you’re gone. Your pet sitter should be made aware of any medicine your pet is on or has been on in the past. You should also make your pet sitter aware of any illnesses, food allergies, surgeries etc. that your pet has experienced. Information in this regard can potentially save your pet’s life in the event that something goes wrong. Having awareness of your pet’s medical history can also potentially prevent things from going from bad to worse. Your pet sitter should also be aware of what veterinary clinic your pet goes to as well as your preferred emergency animal hospital.


Emergency Information

While you may want to think positively about the possibility of any emergency taking place while you’re gone, you should be prepared! Not only should your pet sitter have all the ways to contact you in the event of an emergency, but you should also leave contact information for a local family member or friend.  In the event you can’t be reached, you should leave someone else in charge to make emergency decisions on your behalf. Emergency situations can arise in the form of illness, natural disaster, frozen or busted pipes, AC or heating outages and many other scenarios that you might not think of.  You can also leave any decision making up to a pet sitting company, but your intentions must be clear on that matter before you leave.

As you head out of town for work or pleasure, don’t forget to leave your pet sitter with all of this vital information. It will not only relieve some of your anxiety, but it will also put your pet sitter in the best position of caring for your pets.  Heading out of town doesn’t have to push you over the edge.  Provide your pet sitter with all of the best information, focus on your trip and head out of town with a smile on your face.






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