Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dogs

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dogs

Valentine’s Day gifts for dogs are hot right now. Did you buy a few Valentine’s Day gifts for your dog? I hope so! If not, there’s no time like the present! No pun intended.  I mean why not? After all, Valentine’s Day IS the day of love and most people love their dog more than most people, right? So, where do you start? We have some ideas guaranteed to knock your dog’s socks off, figuratively speaking that is!

Valentine’s Day Apparel for Dogs

One way to show your dog you love him is to keep him dressed to nines.  You know how your dog loves the attention he gets when he has cute holiday apparel.  He especially loves the attention he receives from you when you whip your phone out and demand a selfie. This red, pink and white pet sweater from amazon is guaranteed to up your dog’s wow factor garnering some attention.  He’ll appreciate the elastic sleeves making ease of movement a piece of cake. If a sweater is too cumbersome, try the Top Paw Pet Tee from PetSmart.  Great for a boy or girl, this cute tee speaks the truth with “I woke up this cute” adorned across the back.

Valentine’s Day Treats for Dogs

Who doesn’t love something sweet on Valentine’s Day, or any day for that matter? Well, I can guarantee you that your dog is no exception.  Why not try these some adorable all-natural conversation hearts from Posh Puppy Boutique? Your dog probably can’t read, but if he could he’d love the messages across the treats.  Who can resist “Kiss Me”, “Fur Ever” or “Be mine”? Made with peanut butter and cinnamon, they’re guaranteed to leave your dog beggin’ for more.  If your dog is a fan of the treat bar at PetCo, try these heart shaped treats. These chicken flavored treats taste amazing, but also serve to provide joint support. Now that’s a gift to last a lifetime. No matter what treat you decide on, your dog is sure to love you for it.

Valentine’s Day Toys for Dogs

Every dog loves the excitement of a new toy.  It’s possible your dog hasn’t had a new toy thrown at him since Christmas so now’s a good a time as ever.  The “Puppy Express Letters” from Bark Shop is so sweet. Made with durable canvas covering a big squeaker, your dog will be tossing this toy around in no time. If you love your dog so much, you wish you could send him a bouquet of roses, now is your chance. Rover’s Roses Bouquet Toy is not only cute, but it’s incredibly safe.  Each crinkly bouquet comes complete with a squeaker inside each and every rose.  It’s double stitched to ensure durability, but also filled with 100% post-consumer certified safe recycled plastic bottles.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab some fine apparel, treats and toys for your dog this Valentine’s Day.  He shows his love and devotion for you every day so why not repay him a little or a lot. Who am I kidding – I’m sure you show your love right back each and every single day.  If not, get started now.



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