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Professional Dog Sitting in Katy, Richmond, Fulshear, Cypress, & Houston, Texas

The much-needed vacation is here, but you are stuck with a dilemma, you can’t bring your pet with you.

In-home pet sitting is the ideal pet care situation for families with multiple pets. Keeping pets in their home environment while following their daily routine makes them less stressed when their humans are away. Whether it’s preparing a special meal, playing with their favorite toys, or taking them to their favorite fire hydrant to sniff, we are happy to help. No matter your pets’ personalities or care needs, we ensure that your beloved pets are at ease when you cannot care for them.

All In-Home Dog Care Is Included

During our pet sitting services, one of our professional pet sitters will travel to your home to care for your pet(s), plants, and home. We can accommodate as many visits per day as you deem necessary. Visit frequency and schedule can be designed according to your itinerary and are available mornings, evenings, weekends, and holidays.

All standard pet care tasks such as feeding, refreshing water, light clean-up, dog walking, playtime, enrichment, litter box scooping, medication administration, and brushing are included in our fee. We are qualified to medicate pets orally and via injection as prescribed.  You will receive daily reports right to your inbox, so you know how they/re doing, see pictures/videos, and know your home is secure.

Professional Dog Sitting in Katy, Richmond, Fulshear, Cypress, & Houston, Texas

Bonus Home Care is Also Included

In addition to providing exceptional care for your multi-pet household, we will water indoor plants, bring in mail and papers, bring out/in the trash, and do a home security check at no additional cost. We also scoop dog poop in yards and during dog walks. 

As part of our services, we will also check and clear pool skimmers and add water to your swimming pool if necessary. While Animal Admiration is not liable for any damage or problems with your pool, we will gladly report pool or home-related concerns to you or your emergency contact so that you may prevent further damage.

Please note that extensive plant, poop scooping, or pool care may incur an additional charge to cover our employees’ time.


All-inclusive Pricing

No multi-species households are the same and therefore require different levels of care. Please contact our office so we can discuss your personalized pet care routine, number of pets, and rate.

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Benefits of In-Home Pet Sitting

Pets remain where they are most comfortable: their home, yard, and neighborhood

Pets’ needs are met as detailed by their pet parent during registration

Pets receive much-needed human interaction, affection, and stimulation

Pets are not exposed to unnecessary pathogens by engaging with unfamiliar pets or spaces

Pets are not exposed to unfamiliar, aggressive animals

Pets do not pick up on unfamiliar pets’ bad habits

Stress is reduced as compared to transporting to a boarding or kennel facility

Boredom behaviors can be observed and addressed during visits

Bowls and pet areas are tidied during all visits to ensure pets are always at ease

Client avoids transporting multiple pets to and from facilities before and after travel

Client has the freedom to schedule visits depending on their itinerary, budget, and pets’ needs

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