Unleashing Hydration: Water Fountains for Cats AND Dogs?

Keeping cats and dogs hydrated is crucial for their overall health. Unfortunately, a stagnant bowl of water can be, well, unappetizing. Enter the pet water fountain! These contraptions offer a constantly flowing stream of water, mimicking the natural sources our pets evolved to drink from. At Animal Admiration, we think pet water fountains are a great choice – as long as they are properly maintained. Today, we’re breaking down (pun intended) pet water fountains in Unleashing Hydration: Water Fountains for Cats AND Dogs?

Unleashing Hydration: Why Pets Need Water

cat sitter katy texasThere are several reasons why a water fountain might be a good fit for your pet. The first is that most pets eat a kibble-based diet, which is dehydrating. Kibble has zero moisture, especially when compared to the diet of wild cats and dogs. Wild or outdoor cats eat rodents while wild dogs enjoy small prey, roadkill, and scraps. Prey and scraps have moisture, which kibble lacks.

While pet water fountains are usually marketed to cat lovers, they can be very good for dogs too. We know many pet parents that have water fountains for both species or just for dogs.

Unleashing Hydration: How Pet Water Fountains Help

dog walker katy texasMoving water is inherently more attractive to many pets, encouraging them to drink more than a common water bowl. This is especially important for cats, who can be prone to urinary tract issues. In addition to increased hydration, pets that drink from a water fountain enjoy the following benefits:

  • Whiskers at Ease: Shallow water flow in fountains is gentler on cats’ sensitive whiskers, preventing “whisker fatigue” that might deter them from drinking from a deep bowl

  • Filtered Freshness: Many fountains come with built-in filters that remove impurities and keep the water tasting great

  • Fun Factor: The sound and movement of the water can be a source of entertainment for some pets

Unleashing Hydration: Maintaining Pet Water Fountains

cat sitting katy texasLike any pet product, pet water fountains require regular cleaning to function properly and keep pets healthy. Following is a guide to properly maintaining your pet water fountains:

  • Top Off Regularly: Most pet water fountains have pump motors that keep the water moving. If you let the water get below the necessary fill-line, you may burn out the motor, so top your fountain off daily to protect your investment and keep your pet happy
  • Change the Water: Water fountains do a better job of prevent stagnation and bacterial growth than regular water bowls but still need to be refreshed regularly, especially if there is visible debris in the appliance

  • Replace Filters: Most fountains have replaceable filters. Stick to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule for changing them, typically every 2-4 weeks

  • Deep Clean: Depending on the fountain, plan on a more thorough cleaning every week or two. This involves disassembling the fountain, washing all parts with warm, soapy water (avoid harsh chemicals!), and rinsing thoroughly

  • Location, Location: Place the fountain in a quiet, easily accessible area away from high-traffic zones. This encourages your pet to drink and makes cleaning easier for you

Unleashing Hydration: Choosing the Best Pet Water Fountain

dog walker katy texasWhen purchasing a pet water fountain, consider the following features and safeguards:

  • Material: Opt for a food grade stainless steel. Stainless steel is is non-porous surface makes it difficult for bacteria to settle in, making it a good choice for cats that are prone to acne or other sensitivities. Stainless steel is also easy to clean and sanitize, which is important for maintaining the health and safety of your cat. Ceramic is another good choice but is easier to break when handling
  • Drinking Surface: Especially if choosing a pet water fountain for a large dog, be sure that the surface from where your pet drinks will be comfortable for them. If it’s too small or hinders their water consumption in any way, they won’t want to use it
  • Noise Level: Most pet water fountains will sound wonky when they are too low on water but some have a loud  drip and/or hum that may prove unnerving. Be sure you check reviews for noise levels before choosing a fountain
  • Useability: When reviewing the look of pet water fountains, think about how messy it might be for your pet to drink from it or how hard it will be to transport the fountain when cleaning and/or filling it. Sharp edges and shallow bowls might be messier than deeper, rounder fountains, for example
  • Capacity: Some water fountains can hold more water than others so be sure you opt for larger capacity if you work long days, have a large dog, or plan to have multiple pets share the fountain
  • Cord Length: Too many appliances come with power cords that are much too short. Before purchasing a pet water fountain, consider the place where you’d like to put it and make sure the model you like has a long enough power cord

The Spruce Pets has a helpful list of favorite pet water fountains here.

Animal Admiration Pet sitting dog walking Services Katy, TX

Unleashing Hydration: Letting Your Pet Sitter Know

Water fountains aren’t a magic bullet for every pet. If your furry friend is content with a clean bowl of water, there’s no need to rush out and buy a fountain. However, if you’ve noticed your pet isn’t drinking enough, or you’re looking for ways to increase their water intake, a fountain is definitely worth considering. By providing fresh, filtered water and keeping the fountain clean, you can ensure your pet stays hydrated and healthy.

When leaving your pet in the care of your dog walker or pet sitter, please let us know that you have a pet water fountain. We will top it off during visits and keep an eye on any signs that it needs maintenance. We will also refresh other water bowls to ensure your cat has fresh water even if the power goes out. Especially as spring turns into summer, we think pet water fountains can be helpful in keeping pets hydrated but, again, they must be properly powered and maintained. A secondary water bowl or two is always a good idea!

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Animal Admiration Pet sitting dog walking Services Katy, TX

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