Travel Tips for The Human

Travel Tips for The HumanHello my dear Human!  I have heard you on the phone planning some trips now that the holiday season is upon us. I’m glad you’re getting out for some much needed family time, but I’ve noticed that you often get stressed when it’s time to head out on the road.   Because I love you oh so much, I’ve decided to let you know of a few travel tips that will help you have a wonderful trip.  That way you can focus on the fun and have the great time that you deserve.

  • Packing Hacks: First things first, is you have to pack smarter.  That’s why I suggest that you make space by putting jewelry or small items in a bag in your shoes to save space.  Then, put shower caps over your shoes to avoid getting your clothes dirty. Also, rolling your clothes takes up less space and keeps wrinkles at bay. Put dryer sheets in your suit case too.  This will keep your clothes smelling fresh and also you can use them to rub down outfits that may have static cling.  Also, when you’re planning your trip and you think of something you must have, pack it ASAP so you don’t forget.  Put a small bit of clear cling wrap on top of bottles and screw the lids back on.  This will help avoid spills.  Or put small amounts of lotion and creams in an old contact lens case if you know you’re not going to use the whole bottle.  That can help you avoid a  mess and save space at the same time.


  • Safety Tips: Making sure your bases are covered when it comes to safety is important too.  It’s best to keep your money in separate places, that way if your luggage gets lost or accidentally on the wrong flight, you’ll still have some scratch to get you through.  Speaking of money, make sure to keep your wallet in your front pocket.  If you’re carrying a purse, it’s safer to have an across the chest strap instead of a shoulder bag.  Also, be wary of connecting to FREE WI-FI and using your credit cards at internet cafes.  Just like pick pockets, there are hackers running around out there too, just waiting to pounce on the data of unsuspecting users.  One last safety tip I have for you is to scan copies of your important docs and e-mail them to yourself.  This one is especially good for visiting Uncle Thaddeus across the pond.  If for some awful reason your passport goes missing, you’ll be able to pull up your documents in no time.  Just make sure to delete them from your cloud as soon as you get home (and that’s another reason to avoid public Wi-Fi).


  • Being Smart: Planning ahead is always a good idea.  Use your big human brain and do a little research about where you’re going if you haven’t been there before or even in the last few years.  Organize your budget and prioritize things you want to see and do.  If you have a lot of old friends and family that want to see you, but you’re afraid you don’t have a lot of time try and set up a time where you can see a lot of people at once.  If you have a loose game plan set up it’ll be easier to remember what you can afford to as well as what you want to do most while out of town.

Oh! And don’t forget to either make accommodations for me to come along or hire your favorite pet sitter from Animal Admiration to take care of me while you’re gone! I will miss you while you’re away, but if you take my travel tip advice, you’ll have a splendid time and be nice and relaxed when you get home (with your best friend waiting happily to lick your face)!



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