Top 5 Ways for Texas Pet Parents To Beat the Heat

For pets and humans, the heat during the summer can be unbearable. In Texas, it may be difficult to avoid the heat and humidity during the summer months. Pets and people both need to cool off. You can do so much more than just sit in the air conditioning. Here are some fun activities that you can try with your pet!

Do you have a dog? Try these cool (pun intended) activities with your fur baby.

  • Kiddie Pools: They will enjoy it for the same reasons your human kids do!
  • Frozen Dog Toys: Freeze their favorite toy and help them have fun and stay cool!
  • Watermelon & Pupsicles: Can you say yum?! Be sure to remove the seeds and avoid the rind.


Don’t worry, cats can enjoy cool fun activities too! Try these with your cuddly cat.

  • Cat Fountain: Cats need adequate hydration and a fountain can help encourage them. Look for ones that provide a steady flow of clean filtered water all day long.
  • Frozen Cat Treats: Freeze some cat treats in an ice cube; frozen tuna snacks, frozen cat food, and even plain ice!


Fun is not limited to your four-legged pets.

  • Frozen Water Bottle for Rabbits: Take a regular plastic water bottle and throw it in the freezer. It will keep the area your rabbit is in, nice and cool.
  • Kiddie Pools for Mini Pigs: This will be just the right size for your pig to enjoy a swim.
  • Cool Water for Reptiles & Amphibians: If you’re using tap or well water, don’t forget to treat the water first for your reptiles and amphibians.


There’s no excuse to be stuck inside during the summer. Here are the essentials; water, shade, and something fun to do is all your pet needs to enjoy the sun. There’s nothing you can do about a power outage but keep these things handy and you’ll be prepared for the worst the summer will bring. In the meantime, grab something to keep you and your pet cool and head outside to enjoy the sun!



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