Top 5 Ways for Houston Pet Parents to Beat the Heat

The summer heat can be unbearable for humans and pets alike. In Houston and environs, it’s often difficult to avoid the heat and humidity this time of year. Pets and people need to stay hydrated and cool off as often as possible but sitting indoors isn’t always fun or good for our bodies. Today, I’m sharing my top 5 ways for Houston pet parents to beat the heat with their pets.

Heat-Beating Activities

These cool, pun intended, ideas are great for kids, dogs, and adventurous pets of all species. Use your imagination but make sure you protect against insect bites, find a shaded spot to set up your cool-off area to prevent canine skin cancer, and pack up if there are any signs of lightning or storms nearby. Also, consider choking hazards and supervise your pet when using snacks, treats, and frozen items that could break during play or consumption.

Kiddie Pools for Pets

dogs katy west houston texasKiddie pools are available at most retailers including Walmart, Target, and Dollar General this time of year. Because they are easy to find, pet parents have opted to bring them home for their dogs, miniature pigs, reptiles, and more. When using these, consider the quality of water (especially for reptiles and turtles) and supervise your pet because pets can drown, even if it is less common. 

Frozen Toys

Wet and freeze your pet’s favorite stuffed or rope toy to help them have fun while staying cool this summer. Wetting then freezing toys allows pets to enjoy new sensory experiences that they usually don’t get with their toys, opening up a world of enjoyment without having to buy new things.

Frozen Treats & Snacks

dog walking katy west houston txSure, this can get messy but that’s why we recommend finding a shaded spot outdoors for cooling treats and activities. Frozen watermelon, blueberries, and banana slices are delicious and dog-safe. Here’s a list of additional dog-safe fruits and vegetables from the AKC.

No matter what you choose to freeze or blend with sugar-free Greek yogurt, be sure to remove seeds and avoid giving your pet the rinds. For cats, freeze some cat treats, tuna, or canned cat food in an ice cube or give them a bowl of plain ice. They will love the sensory and cooling experience and can walk away when they have had enough.

For ice licks and melts, don’t forget to treat the water for your reptiles and amphibians.

Water Fountains

cat sitter katy west houston cypressPets need adequate hydration all year long; especially when temperatures rise to extremes as they tend to do in the Houston area during the summer.

A water fountain can help encourage pets to drink. Look for ones that provide a steady flow of clean filtered water all day long and don’t limit fountains to cat-friendly homes. Believe it or not, other pets like dogs, birds, and rabbits also love the fresh, flowing water. Just make sure the fountain you choose is heavy enough that it won’t be knocked over. We love stainless steal water fountains for pets.

Frozen Water Bottles

Take a regular plastic water bottle and throw it in the freezer. Wrap it up in a cozy towel and place it in a corner of your caged small animal’s enclosure. You can also do this for cat trees, dog crates, and travel. Once the water bottle thaws, you have water to refill their water bowls or water your plants. The great thing about this cooling option is that your pet can enjoy it when they need it and ignore it if they don’t.

Bring Pet Cooling Indoors

dog sitting katy west houston txI encourage you to keep some of these cooling-off tips in mind even when the outdoors is not an option. Whether it’s a hurricane watch, a storm system approaching, dangerous air quality developing, or the usual extreme temperatures making the outdoors uncomfortable or unsafe, many of these activities can be safely done indoors. If you have a soaking tub or a walk-in shower, melting treats work great in there. Plus, you’ll be helping your pet associate these areas with a positive experience, which is bound to help come bath time.

Animal Admiration Pet Care Services Katy, TX

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