Tips for Pets & Pet Sitters During Thunderstorms

Tips for Pets & Pet Sitters During Thunderstorms

In like a lion and out like a lamb or vice versa, either way thunderstorms start to make their return in March and continue into the summer as the heat rises.  Personally, I love a good storm, but my poor cat Neka will run under the bed with the slightest rumble in the sky.  Some pets can get serious anxiety from thunderstorms, but luckily there are things we can do to help them through it.

Stay Calm:

First thing you want to do is stay as calm as you can. Animals can feel our emotions and pick up on even the smallest bit of anxiety in their owners.  Talking in a calm voice and not jumping when it thunders and lightnings can really help your pets stay calm.  

Set up a Safe Space:

Next you’ll want to make sure they are sheltered as much as possible from the storm. It’s important to give your dog a safe place away from doors or windows during a storm. Their crate or kennel is a perfect place to ride out the storm, but you could also set them up in a room inside with a few toys and treats.  Turn on the TV or the radio if you can to drown out the noise from the storm.  

Calming Aids:

If your pets are still really nervous about storm, there are a few products on the market that can help sooth them.

Rescue RemedyThis is a flower-based all natural supplement that can be used to help calm your pets.

Pheromone Spray or CollarBy mocking a lactating female pheromones this product has been known to calm dogs that get anxious.

ThundershirtMuch like swaddling an infant, this compression shirt helps the dog feel comforted and can ease fears or anxiety during a storm.

Preparing for Your Pet Sitter:

If you know a storm is coming while you’re going to be away, it’s good to have a few extra things set up for your pet sitter. Have an emergency kit ready for them just in case power goes out or any other emergency arises.  

Include in the kit:


Batteries (of all sizes)

Battery Operated Radio

Leash and/or Harness

List of emergency contacts

Sometimes no matter what you do, your pet will still be scared of the storm.  If you’re still worried about them make sure to talk to your vet about it.  And let us know in the comments how you calm your pet in thunderstorms or funny stories of how they act when it rains.



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