The Kid Next Door: Not Be the Best Choice for Pet Sitting

Ensuring your furry friends feel comfortable and safe while you’re away is a top priority. It can be tempting to enlist the help of a neighbor’s child – they’re familiar, enthusiastic, and readily available. But, before you hand over your house key and leash, it’s crucial to consider the potential drawbacks of relying on an inexperienced pet sitter. Today’s blog, The Kid Next Door: Not Be the Best Choice for Pet Sitting, is not one to take lightly!

The Kid Next Door: Out of Their League

pet sitting katy texasI recently saw a kit at Walmart for $7 that encourages children to start their own pet care business. The sight of the kit made me giggle and cringe, all at the same time. Encouraging a child to provide pet care is akin to letting a kid in a nurse costume administer medical care.

I think kids are great. I love the idea of supporting their entrepreneurial aspirations. That said, kids oversleep, lose track of time, and lack the life and professional experience to run any sort of business, especially one that involves caring for living, breathing creatures with teeth and claws.

The Kid Next Door: Lacking in Experience and Skills

While neighborly kids or teens might seem like a convenient solution, oftentimes charging a lot less than professionals, there are several reasons why they are not the ideal choice for pet sitting:

  • Limited Experience: Most young people lack the experience and knowledge required to handle various pet personalities, breeds, and potential emergencies
  • Unfamiliarity with Specific Needs: Pets have individual needs. A young sitter might not be aware of your pet’s specific dietary requirements, medication schedules, or warning signs of illness

pet sitting katy texasThe Kid Next Door: Risky at Best

In addition to a lack of experience, other risks of hiring a neighbor’s kid include the following:

  • Potential for Inconsistency: Kids have busy lives with school activities and social commitments. This can lead to inconsistent pet care routines, which can be stressful for your animal
  • Safety Concerns: Even the most well-meaning kid or teen might not be equipped to handle unexpected situations involving aggressive animals or dangerous weather conditions
  • Parties & Guests: We have heard from many clients that they have made the mistake of hiring a local teen only to return to find bottles of beer in the trash and other concerning signs that others have been in the home. Think about the liability you subject yourself to if a teen throws a party at your home then drives drunk and hurts someone in the community. Heaven forbid that would happen but it’s not as rare as you might think.

The Kid Next Door: No Back-Up Plan

pet sitter katy texasThe kid next door may assume he or she is going to be healthy and happy during the duration of your travels but what if they get sick or injured? Who would step in and take over your pet’s care? Would it be their parents? Do their parents know what your pet needs? Do they have the time to meet your pet’s needs for as long as you’re away?

The last thing anyone wants while on vacation is to wonder if their pet is sitting at home waiting on a sitter. Imagine the concern and discomfort your pet would feel.

The Kid Next Door: A Better Alternative

dog walker katyInstead of relying on a kid from the neighborhood to watch your pets while you’re working or traveling, we recommend you stick to the professionals. Professional pet sitters are experienced, insured, and bonded. We provide a variety of services, including in-home visits, dog walking, and overnight stays. We take the time to get to know your pets and their care requirements. True professionals like us are trained in pet first aid and CPR, have a management team to support sitters during challenges, and employ back-up plans to ensure that your pet’s care is not unexpectedly interrupted.

Animal Admiration Pet sitting dog walking Services Katy, TX

Taking the time to find the right pet sitter ensures your furry besties receive the care and attention they need while you’re gone. Consistent, dedicated care reduces stress for both you and your pet, allowing you to enjoy your trip. At Animal Admiration, everyone’s peace of mind is an integral part of our business plan!

Contact us at or (281) 391-1015 to learn about our in-home pet care services. Our team of outstanding pet care providers offers quality care dog sitting, cat sitting, and dog walking in KatyFulshearRichmondEnergy CorridorMemorialWest Houston, and Cypress.



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Animal Admiration Pet sitting dog walking Services Katy, TX

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