The Dangers of Rawhides

The Dangers of Rawhides

When you think of dogs and rawhide chews they seem to go hand in hand. All dogs need to chew, not only is it one of their basic instinct; it also helps keep their teeth clean and strengthens their jaws. However, rawhides may not be the best choice for your pet. Before you get them for your dog make sure you know the dangers of rawhides and how to prevent it.

Choking & Blockage

Our dogs love to chew and they have strong jaws, a chew can be torn up in no time. Large chunks can lodge in the esophagus or their digestive tract. Sometimes these obstructions can cause so much distress that your dog may even need to have abdominal surgery to have it removed to avoid possible fatal side effects.


Since rawhides are made of animal byproducts they can be contaminated with bacteria such as salmonella and e coli.  Most manufacturers have guidelines in place that make sure stop the occurrence of these bacterias, but they are still found.  If your dog experiences regurgitation, fever, diarrhea, lack of energy or appetite, pain or repeating gagging and swallowing, then they have been exposed to these harmful bacteria.

Digestive Irritation

Some individual dogs have sensitive digestive tracts and this puts them at risk for digestive issues if they eat rawhides. The substances used to manufacture the animal skins into chew can be too much for sensitive tummies.  If your dog has a history of diarrhea or other digestive issues then it’s best to avoid these.

When choosing delicious chews for your dog, it’s probably best to steer clear of the rawhides unless you know that they are manufactured in a top notch facility with high standards.  There are great alternatives to rawhides, such as a Bully Stick or Jones Natural Chews.  You can also give them carrots or raw bones if you want to make sure their chews are completely natural.  Whatever you choose make sure you research it before you buy it.  Also, anytime you’re trying out a new chew watch how they interact with it to make sure it’s safe.



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