Sileo Anxiety Relief for Dogs During Fireworks

New Year’s Eve celebrations often cause serious anxiety for dogs across the country. Your dog may soon be subjected to loud noises erupting from fireworks at neighborhood and community events. Local parties mean that the noise your dog will hear is closer, louder, and, therefore, scarier. Calming your dog’s anxiety can feel like a battle you lose year after year. Thankfully, we found a product, Sileo for Dogs, that might help put everyone at ease as New Year’s approaches. Let’s talk about the benefits of Sileo anxiety relief for dogs during fireworks.

What is Sileo?

Sileo (dexmedetomidine oromucosal gel) is a product specifically used to treat dogs that suffer from fear and anxiety related to noise. In fact, this as-needed gel treatment is the very first product to be approved by the FDA for the treatment of ‘noise aversion.’ Noise aversion simply refers to a condition that makes a dog afraid of loud noises.

Because loud noises are not only related to fireworks, any loud noises can trigger anxiety in a noise-phobic dog. Storms, traffic, construction work, kids playing in the street, and many other loud noises may cause your dog to cower, tremble, or hide due to their sensitivity to noise.

Sileo Gel for Dogs


Triggers and signs of noise aversion vary from dog to dog. Some dogs are afraid of all noises while others have specific noise triggers like thunder and fireworks. There is often no rhyme or reason for “why” certain noises produce anxiety and related behaviors in some dogs.

Signs of noise-triggered anxiety may include panting, shaking, hiding, hypervigilance, cowering, clinginess, refusal to eat, yawing, vocalizing, restlessness, licking lips, improper urination and defecation, self-harm, and destructive behaviors.

How does Sileo work?

Sileo is a gel-based product that must be prescribed by your veterinarian. It is a treatment that has been proven to be safe for the vast majority of dogs. It’s easy to apply and fast-acting but must be administered when the noise is happening or soon to be expected so that it has time to take effect.

Sileo is packaged in a syringe with specified dosing. The dosed amount is placed on the dog’s gum line and absorbed into your dog’s body through his gums. It is not swallowed. Each dose takes about 30 – 60 minutes to take effect. For recurring or extended noise events, a dose may be given as often as every two hours. When dosed properly, Sileo will calm your dog down without causing him to appear loopy, drugged, or overly sedated.

It is often recommended to try the product prior to a noise event to ensure that the proper dosage is being given. A trial run can help you discuss with your veterinarian and concerns you have before the dog’s fear is at an all-time high.

What is Sileo? Sileo (dexmedetomidine oromucosal gel)

More Ways to Help

  • Remove your dog from environments that may be triggering whenever possible. For example, place your dog in a safe outdoor location or a different room if someone is vacuuming or using a loud tool.
  • Keep visual stimulation from lightning and fireworks at bay by closing curtains and blinds.
  • Put your dog in rooms that may act as sound barriers. Basements, closets, and bathrooms are often noise-free zones.
  • Calm your dog via sounds from fans, televisions, and/or music. White noise and classical music have a calming effect on most mammals.
  • Act normal. Carry on with your regular activities while keeping a close eye on your pet to prevent escalating behaviors.
  • Be present and patient. Your calming presence will reduce your pet’s anxiety. Don’t leave your dog alone when you know he’ll be exposed to sound triggers. Be patient with your dog’s behaviors as he acts out of fear. Punishment is never the answer.

Animal Admiration Pet Care Services

At Animal Admiration, we believe that working together with our pet’s veterinarian and pet care team is the best way to help our pets. For this reason, we encourage you to contact us if you are trying Sileo or any related medicine for the first time. We will do our best to keep an eye out for side effects and can keep you informed of any positive or negative changes we observe.

To learn more about our in-home pet care services for cats and dogs, contact us at or (281) 391-1015.



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