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Animal Admiration is happy to provide the following pet sitting and house sitting services to our customers. You will find each service and what it entails below.  If you have any questions please use the Contact Us Today form below.

In-Home Pet Sitting

A pet sitter will travel to your home to care for your pets, plants, and/or house. We can accommodate as many visits per day as you would prefer. Mornings, nights, holidays and weekends are not a problem. All pet care is included, such as feeding, watering, scooping litter box, other cleanup, dog walking, pet exercising, playtime, medications (oral and/or injections), and brushing. Also, for no additional fee, we can water plants, bring in mail and papers, bring out/in garbage and do a house/security check. House checks are included in all visits.

Dog Walking / Midday Check-In

If you have long days at the office and need a mid-day walk so your dog can get out and stretch his/her legs we can do daily dog walking. We are happy to offer their favorite midday snacks as well as fresh water in addition to a written note or text letting you know how they did that day.

Puppy Sitting

Puppies are fun and it’s very rewarding raising and watching them grow, however, they do require a lot of attention. Let us help you with potty and crate training as well as keeping their minds entertained while you’re away at work or out of the house. Most destructive behavior is done out of boredom. We can come in and take your puppy out to potty and play burning off excess energy. We can also work with your puppy implementing your training, therefore providing some mental stimulation.

Cat Sitting

Cats have such different personalities. Some are very friendly and vocal while others are shy and reserved. We are here to help keep the stress low by keeping them in their own environment and imitating your normal routine. Whether it’s preparing a special meal, playing with certain toys, or turning on a faucet for them to drink out of we are here to help.

Overnight Service

A pet sitter will stay in your home overnight, for a 10-hour period. This ensures plenty of quality time to play with and spoil your pets to make sure they don’t feel abandoned. Unlimited walks are included during the overnight stay, as well as dinner and breakfast feedings, general cleanup, and medications, if any.

Emergency Veterinary Drop-off

In an emergency, time is of the essence. Whether you’re home or not, we can rush your ill or injured pet to the veterinarian so they may receive quick access to urgent care. This service is available to our existing clients only.

Pet Taxi

Either one-way or round-trip, a ride to the groomer, vet or other destination can be a big help. Our clients rave about our convenient pick-up and drop-off pet taxi service, when life gets hectic and they can’t drive their pet(s) themselves. Safe and reliable transport is our highest priority. Contact us for availability and rates.

Pet Supply Delivery Service

When you are swamped with life and work, or you just forgot to pick up your pets meds, food, or other supplies, we will be there to save the day. We will shop for and provide convenient delivery of your pets’ supplies right to your door! No shopping list is too small or large.

Home Care

Should you need to have your home checked on for security while you are away Animal Admiration is pleased to provide home security checks. We will check all doors, windows, and garage. Your sitter will pick up mail, clear any solicitations away from door /yard, bring in any packages and pick up any papers. We can rotate lights and blinds, adjust A/C anything you might need around the house. If you are away and need someone to wait on a repair man or housekeeping we offer those services. For more information, rates and availability please contact our office.

Plant & Pool Care

Animal Admiration will provide care to a small number of plants at no additional cost with any pet or home care service. Should you have a large number of plants a small additional fee may be added for additional time.

Animal Admiration, per your request, check and clear pool skimmers as needed and add water to your personal pool. Animal Admiration is not liable for any damage or problems with your pool in your absence.

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Animal Admiration Pet Care Services

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