Reuniting a Lost Dog with his Family

The steps you take when you find a lost dog can significantly increase the chances of the dog being reunited with his rightful owner. We’ve created a go to set of steps to follow if you should ever find a lost dog. Here’s our guide for reuniting a lost dog with his family.

Reuniting a Lost Dog: Approach & Secure the Dog

dog west houston txApproach the lost dog with caution.  Being a little too overzealous may scare the poor pup away.  It’s quite possible the lost dog is scared and uncertain of you and his new lost situation.  Speak in a friendly voice as you approach the dog.  If you have any food or treats on hand to entice the dog to come to you, that will definitely help. Always put your hand out and allow the dog to sniff you before you try to pet or secure him. Even a dog that is wagging his tail may feel scared or threatened.  Also, not all dogs are friendly and the dog may react aggressively if he feels threatened in any way.

Reuniting a Lost Dog: Search for Identification on the Dog

Look to see if the dog is wearing dog tags.  Immediately call the phone number on the dog tag if the dog has one.  If the lost dog is found in a residential neighborhood, you can walk or drive through the area and ask neighbors if they know the dog. In the situation where tags are not on the dog and the dog is not recognized by neighbors, it is possible the dog has been microchipped.  Head to the closest veterinarian or animal shelter to have them scan the dog for a microchip. Hopefully, this results in contact with the lost dog’s family, if not proceed to the next step.

Reuniting a Lost Dog: Report the Lost Dog as Found

Make the proper contacts. While it may be time consuming, reporting the lost dog to the proper agencies just might be one of the most important actions you take.  It’s imperative to contact the local police, local and surrounding shelters, humane societies, rescue groups and veterinarians in your area.  You never know how far the dog has traveled before he has made it to the area that you found him in, so try to branch out the agencies that your report the lost dog to. You can also post a lost dog report on Pet FBI.

Reuniting a Lost Dog: Find a Safe Place for the Dog

If you, a friend or family member can house the dog for a short period that is advisable. The dog is going to be so scared and sad to be away from his family.  Taking him to a shelter may not be in the best interest of the dog.  If circumstances require you to do so, please, I repeat, please be sure to take the dog to a no kill shelter.  Overcrowding of shelters is a huge problem nowadays and lost dogs often end up being euthanized before they are ever reunited with their family.  Can you imagine the horror of finding yourself in that situation if your dog ways lost?

dogs katy txReuniting a Lost Dog: Prepare a Lost Dog Flyers or Posters

Pet FBI has made it easy to create a quick flyer on your computer. If creating the flyer or poster on your own, be sure to include your contact information such as name, phone number and/or email address.  Also include a picture of the dog with a detailed description of the dog.  Print out a stack of the flyers and place them around town, especially in high visible areas such as at stop lights and stop signs.  Grocery stores and other local businesses are also great places to place the flyers

Reuniting a Lost Dog: Spread the Word

Use social media and currently technologies.  Craigslist, facebook, instagram will help your provide visibility for the lost dog. Facebook has many local town and neighborhood groups that will let you post in about the lost dog. There are even facebook groups dedicated to lost dogs.  Just search “Lost Dogs of Katy” or whatever town or towns you are close to. Something bound to come up.  Once you start posting in these groups about the lost dog, people will suggest other groups for you to post in.

dog sitter katy txReuniting a Lost Dog: Follow Leads

Follow up with any credible leads you may find.  This may be a large chore for just one person.  Delegate to family and friends.  For example, one person can make phone calls, one person can follow up on facebook leads, etc. Exercise caution and try to get as much information from someone before you hand the dog over to just anyone.  It’s always advisable to let the person claiming the dog provide you with identifying information on the dog and provide some sort of ownership.  There are many people that steal dogs and resell them or use them in dog fighting rings. Sad, scary, but true!

Hopefully, this guide helps you in reuniting a lost dog with his family! They will be forever grateful for your efforts.

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Animal Admiration Pet Care Services Katy, TX

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