Pro Tips for Pawsome Bluebonnet Photos with Your Pet

Bluebonnet season, one of our favorite times of year in Katy and its environs, is in full swing. Today, we’re sharing our pro tips for pawsome bluebonnet photos with your pet. Prep your gear, gather the fam, set up your shoot, get low, and capture the moment!

Pro Tips for Pawsome Bluebonnet Photos with Your Pet: Prep Your Gear

katy texas pet tipsIf you’re going to venture out to photograph your pet with the most delightful flower in Texas, then you’ll have to prepare. Peak bluebonnet season may be happening right now therefore, the sooner you get out there, the better.

First, check your favorite weather app to note when the sun rises and sets in the next few days. Ideally, you’ll want to plan your photo shoot for dusk or dawn when the light is most forgiving. Then, grab your fully charged phone and a tripod or selfie stick, if you have one. Bring lots of yummy dog treats to capture your pets’ attention.

Bonus Tip: If you don’t have a tripod but want to be able to take some photos on your camera or phone’s timer, bring along a kitchen stool and a mug. You’d be surprised how easy it is to get a tripod alternative set up with a bit of planning and imagination. Check out these mobile phone photo hacks!

Pro Tips for Pawsome Bluebonnet Photos with Your Pet: Gather the Fam

Decide who is going to be in the photos. We recommend everyone join in the fun to get lots of candids and shots of the whole family.

pet photos katyKeep your pets’ accessories minimal. Let the flowers and your family’s love shine instead by wearing dark blues and blacks, which are always flattering in photos. And, consider running a brush through your dog’s hair or fur before that first shot if you plan to frame at least one of these photos.

Finally, a well-fitting collar and/or harness is key to pet safety therefore don’t forget them at home. Off-leash dogs are at great risk for injury or worse and we would hate to see that happen to your pet. If you’re bringing a cat, they too need constant supervision while on their properly-fit harness.

Pro Tips for Pawsome Bluebonnet Photos with Your Pet: Set Up Your Shoot

dog sitter katyOnce you have chosen your location – we hear that heading west on Highway 290 toward Brenham and College Station is a beautiful drive and may offer some nice photo opportunities – then carefully set up camp. Park in a safe and legal spot, then get out to explore and make sure the area you chose is free from hazards. Avoid busy streets and corners and keep your pets in the vehicle until you’re ready to start snapping shots.

If you have a tripod or plan to rig your camera, set that up in a place that it won’t easily be knocked over. And, secure it to the ground by digging the legs into the ground or using rocks to hold it steady. Alway remember that the best photos are taken with the sun behind the camera so plan accordingly. Avoid areas with tons of shadows that will break up the bluebonnets and make your family’s faces look blurred.

Don’t forget to wipe the camera lens on your phone. You’re surely want crisp photos and a smudge could affect the way your phone responds to light and more.

Pro Tips for Pawsome Bluebonnet Photos with Your Pet: Get Low

bluebonnet photosWhen photographing pets, it’s smart to get low and on their level, especially if your pet is surrounded by beautiful flowers. Consider the height of your tripod or bench if you plan to use those tools. And, make sure you keep treats in your hands throughout the shoot so that your dog is more interested in you and your presence over whatever he or she is smelling in the wildflowers.

Play with portrait mode on your phone but remember that portrait mode will blur the background and this may not be the best time to use that technology. Remember, you can edit. If you don’t like the way someone looks in a photo, you can always crop it so that all you see is their boots and your dog’s legs. How cute would that be?

Pro Tips for Pawsome Bluebonnet Photos with Your Pet: Capture the Moment

dog walker katyDon’t overthink the photos and the poses – have fun. Let your family and pets stroll around the flowers, capture your dog(s) sniffing the flowers, and maybe give your kids and dog time to lounge near an area where bluebonnets are in full bloom.

Most importantly, practice patience. Family photos shoots can sometimes be a disaster. They can be expensive, hot, and burdensome at times because you want to get everyone to pose together. For these photos, however, don’t worry about who is looking at the camera, focus on the bluebonnets and how your family engages with them. Let’s let Mother Nature take the lead this time.

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Proper planning, a little forethought, and focusing on fun will ensure the quality of the photos. We don’t get enough springtimes with our pets so we like to make the most of those we do. We hope these photos last you a lifetime along with the love you’ll always feel for your pet(s.)

To encourage you to get out there and have fun with your pets, we’re doing a giveaway! To participate, simply post a photo of your pet with bluebonnets on Facebook or Instagram – could be from this year or years past – and tag us. We will select one winner at random from those who participate. Again, just post on your profile and tag us. Give us a like or a follow while you’re at it. We can be found on IG and Facebook.

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We can’t wait to see your bluebonnet photos!



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Animal Admiration Pet sitting dog walking Services Katy, TX

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