Animal Admiration has set a few policies in order to provide the best care and ensure your pets and home are always safe. Please take a moment to read our pet sitting and house sitting policies. Should you have any questions don’t hesitate to fill out the contact form or call us at (281) 391-1015. Thank you for your trust in Animal Admiration. Our sitter’s and your pet’s safety are our top priority. 


In order to provide personalized care for your pets, an introductory meeting is required of all new clients. This is a complimentary consultation, to take place at the clients’ residence and set up at a convenient time for both the sitter and the client. Please be sure we can have your undivided attention for our consultation. It is a chance for both the client and their pet(s) to meet the sitter, on the pet’s “turf”. This enables the sitter to detect whether or not a pet might be territorial, or otherwise pose a threat to the sitter. The pet’s routine will also be discussed, including diet, restrictions (if any), regular walking routes, location of leashes, toys, food, bowls, cleaning supplies, etc. Also, at this time, the sitter will go over in detail the services provided as well as information on fees and policies. If services are not contracted at this time there will be a $25.00 fee for this meeting. Should an additional consultation be needed we will happily schedule it and a full visit charge will be billed. We require two copies of keys (that have been tested before we arrive) at that time with payment in full.


For first time clients we require full payment at the time of consultation. Established clients can either keep a credit card on file to be charged before services, or leave a check at your home to be picked up on the first visit. Should payment be forgotten a credit card can be called in to our office. All payments are due on or before the first scheduled visit. Any account that is not paid within 5 days of the invoice due date is subject to a $15.00 late fee every 14 days the account remains past due.


We require all our bookings to be made online using our secure scheduling system. This ensures no visit can be overlooked or missed. In order to reserve the dates and times for pet care, it is suggested a client book the time at least a week in advance, and one month in advance for holiday bookings. Animal Admiration is noted for flexibility, and we understand that last minute trips are sometimes unavoidable. We will do everything possible to accommodate your needs. We do not charge a last minute booking fee, however, it is strongly suggested to book as far in advance as possible to assure we can service your pet(s).

Your Arrival

It is requested that all clients “check in” upon returning home from a trip. A simple phone call to our office, eMail, or text to the sitter is all that’s required to let the sitter know that your pets are in good hands. This is to ensure that the client has returned home safely and no further visits are needed to care for their pets at that time. Should you not notify your sitter you have returned home and there is an additional visit made you will be billed for the visit.



Animal Admiration understands things come up and everything doesn’t happen as planned. We only charge cancellation on overnight stays, not regular visits. The cancellation fee for overnight stays is $50 per night cancelled if not cancelled within 2 weeks prior to the first night.

We do, however, kindly ask that as soon as you know you don’t need your visits please notify us immediately.


Service Area

Animal Admiration services Katy, Richmond, Fulshear, Cypress, Houston, Texas. View our full Service Area.



Emergency and Inclement Weather Contacts

All Clients must enter Emergency and Inclement Weather Contacts into the Client profile on our online scheduling software, Power Pet Sitter. We will contact your emergency and/or inclement weather contacts if and when it is unsafe or unlawful to reach your pets during an emergency or inclement weather event.

Home Access for Emergency/Inclement Weather Contacts

It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that all emergency and inclement weather contacts always have a working set of house keys in their possession. Please ensure that all emergency and inclement weather contacts have uninterrupted access to your home, reliable communication, and a plan to reach your home if roads are impassable. We recommend choosing at least one neighbor that can walk to your home to serve as an emergency and/or inclement weather contact.

Emergency Key Exchanges

Should Animal Admiration be asked to meet an emergency or inclement weather contact to provide a key for them to access your pet(s,) a key drop-off fee will be assessed. Key drop-offs will be done only if our team can safely execute the exchange in preparation for or upon completion of a weather emergency.

Medications & Supplies

Animal Admiration recommends you have an extra supply of all of your pets’ medications as well as food, litter, and other supplies in case you are delayed returning home due to travel delays, emergencies, or inclement weather. Should we need to refill prescriptions or purchase supplies on your behalf, an errand-running fee will be assessed in addition to the required reimbursement.


Everyone understands that a hurricane event, including a “close call,” creates tremendous anxiety for all involved. However, we are prepared to act quickly and reasonably in accordance with our designated policies and procedures. We ask that you please stay tuned to local weather stations as these types of storms can change directions very quickly. The purpose of these policies is to protect our clients’ pets and homes as well as our pet care team.

For the safety of our Employees and our Clients’ pet(s), please review and refer to the following policy and stated procedures during hurricanes and similar weather emergencies:

If a hurricane or tropical storm is projected to make landfall in the vicinity of our area, Animal Admiration will contact all Clients that have scheduled services. Starting the day of landfall regular daily visits will not take place until the “all clear” has been given by state and/or local authorities. For Clients who are traveling, we will contact the Client and your inclement weather contact to advise a plan going forward for care during and after the storm. Any scheduled visits that cannot be completed by Animal Admiration due to inclement weather will be credited to the Client’s account for use toward future services.

In the case of healthy adult cats, we may be able to leave extra food, water, and litter down in preparation for a weather emergency if necessary. When possible, we will move and/or add items such as bowls and litter boxes as needed. If you have two story home we may add a second food, water, litter box area upstairs.

For healthy adult dogs, it may be possible to arrange for extra food and water under extreme circumstances. Your sitter will do their best to provide an extended walk and potty break before the expected landfall. When possible, we will move and/or add items such as bowls and pee pads as needed. Doggie doors and outdoor kennels are not safe to use during a weather emergency and will therefore be closed in preparation for any and all storms.

The above-mentioned plans are all dependent on the expected severity of the storm. Animal Admiration is not liable for home or pet damages due to a natural disaster. It is very important if you’re traveling during hurricane season that you have an emergency contact that is local that could take over care of your pet(s) in the event it’s needed.


Securing Household Items

In an effort to keep your home and neighborhood safe, our staff will attempt secure as much as possible outside your home. We will attempt to gather items under a patio close to the house or bring things inside the home or garage. Animal Admiration cannot be held responsible for damage to outdoor items during a weather event.


Should the area experience severe flooding while you are out of town, Animal Admiration will make every attempt to be at your home at the scheduled time you have requested. Should we not be able to make it at the scheduled time we will arrive at your home as soon as the flooding has descended, and it is safe to travel as recommended by the state and/or local authorities. We will contact your Inclement Weather Contact to take over your pet’s care in the interim. Any scheduled visits that cannot be completed by Animal Admiration due to inclement weather will be credited to Client’s account for use toward future services.

Extreme Cold

Please make sure you provide a dry and warm location where your pet(s) can seek shelter during extreme cold. Should bringing your pet into your home or garage not be an option, additional blankets, hay, etc to keep your pets warm along with a doghouse or some sort of shelter should be provided.

Extreme Heat

Texas summers can be extremely hot. Your pet(s) safety (and our sitters) and well-being are our top priority. Should your pet be an outdoor-only pet, please consider a kennel or area inside the home where the pet can stay during extreme heat. If bringing your pet(s) inside the home is not an option, please make sure plenty of shade and water are offered. If possible, a fan should be used to circulate the air. Consider placing a small baby pool filled with water in your yard that we can freshen daily. During extreme heat we do not provide full walks. We will do reduced/shortened walks to make sure they are able to potty, then we will do play time indoors.

Release of Liability

While Animal Admiration will always do the best we can to secure your pets and home, we are not responsible for any damage or injury caused by emergencies and anything considered an Act of God because these are outside of our control.

Please note should a hurricane make landfall, flooding, etc while your home and pets are in our care Animal Admiration is not responsible for any damage or injury to your home or pet(s) due to Mother Nature.

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