Four Ways to Help Your Pets During the Next Thunderstorm

In like a lion and out like a lamb or vice versa, thunderstorms usually make their return to the Houston area in March and continue throughout the summer. I love a good storm. But, my poor cat Neka will run under the bed as soon as she detects the slightest rumble.  Helping pets during thunderstorms can be tricky because many pets’ anxiety is severely triggered by strong winds, lightning, and thunder. We’ve come up with the following four ways to help your pets during the next thunderstorm.

Four Ways to Help Your Pets During the Next Thunderstorm: Stay Calm

pet tips katyThe first thing you want to do during a severe thunderstorm is to stay as calm as you can. Animals can feel our emotions; they pick up on even the slightest bit of anxiety in their owners. Talking in a calm, soothing voice is a great place to start. Taking deep breaths, drinking some tea, and acting normal even if your inner voice is screaming will help your pet relax too.

Four Ways to Help Your Pets During the Next Thunderstorm: Set up a Safe Space

cat tips katyNext, you’ll want to make sure to shelter your pet from the storm. Give your pet a safe place away from doors or windows before and during a storm. Their crate or kennel is a perfect place to ride out the storm, but you could also set them up in a cozy interior room with a few toys and treats. Turn on the TV or set your Alexa to classical music for pets to help drown out the noise of the storm.

Four Ways to Help Your Pets During the Next Thunderstorm: Consider Calming Aids

dog tips katyIf your pets are typically very nervous during storms, there are a few products on the market that can help soothe them. Purchasing these items and having them on hand this time of year ensures that you have them handy when you need them. 

Rescue Remedy & Calming Treats

Rescue Remedy is a flower-based all-natural supplement that can be used to help calm your pets. Made with botanicals, it’s safe for use and can be administered either orally or topically per product instructions. Always purchase the pet-specific product when possible to ensure the safest and most effective results.

Calming treats are all the rage these days because they are palatable and easy to use. Many of them are made with calming herbs like chamomile and compounds like l-theanine.

Calming Pheromones

Pheromone Sprays, Diffusers, and Collars mimic a lactating female’s pheromones. They have been found to ease pets in stressful situations such as thunderstorms. Pheromone-based products are species-specific therefore you need one for cats and one for dogs if you have both species at home. Our favorite way to use pheromone products is a diffuser that usually needs to be refilled monthly. You won’t even notice it’s there but your pets will thank you.

Compression Products

Much like swaddling an infant, Thundershirts and similar compression products help dogs feel comforted. They can ease fears or anxiety during a storm by creating a hugging sensation that eases the nervous system.


Sometimes, no matter what you do, your pet will still be scared of storms. Between the loud noises of thunder and lightning and changes in atmospheric pressure, sensitive pets may benefit from something a little stronger than the products listed above. If you’re still worried about your pet’s storm anxiety, talk to your veterinarian. They may be able to prescribe a product that will allow your pet to better withstand the storm.

Four Ways to Help Your Pets During the Next Thunderstorm: Prepare for When You’re Away

pet tips katyWhen traveling during thunderstorm season, set the above items out for your pet sitter. That way, we can use these items in your absence to ensure your pet has what they need and are used to during storms.

In addition, prepare an emergency kit in case the power goes out. In the kit, you can include the following helpful items and anything else you usually use when the power goes out:

  • Flashlights
  • Batteries (of all sizes)
  • Battery-operated radio
  • Leashes and/or harness
  • Cooling Mats
  • List of emergency contacts
  • Pet First Aid Kit

Animal Admiration Pet Care Services Katy, TX

At Animal Admiration Pet Care Services, we believe that being proactive improves our pets’ quality of life. Your pet’s phobias and anxieties are an important part of your pet’s profile therefore we encourage you to detail their reactions, sensitivities, etc. when registering them on our online schedule system. We will do our best to keep them calm while in our care.

To learn more about our dog walking and pet sitting services, contact us by email at or by phone at (281) 391-1015. We specialize in cats, dogs and small animals and look forward to being there for your pets when you cannot.



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Animal Admiration Pet Care Services Katy, TX

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