Pet Sitting vs. Boarding

Leaving our beloved pets behind when traveling can be unnerving. Many pet parents are overwhelmed by the options available to them. They are not sure what will best suit their family, budget, and pet. Two popular options for travel pet care include having a pet sitter come to your home and taking your pet to a boarding facility while you’re away. Today, we are breaking down the differences between pet sitting vs. boarding. Our goal is to help you decide what will provide the greatest comfort for your pet and peace of mind.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is a stellar option for pets who are most comfortable in their home environment. It is also the least disruptive option available. Pet sitting allows pets to stay on their usual schedule and enjoy the comfort of their favorite bed or couch. Dogs can walk around their neighborhood and enjoy their yard. Cats can lounge on their cat tree and play with their toys, Pets enjoy full run of the house or a designated room/area of the home and a professional pet sitter comes to them.

Pet sitters customize visit schedules to meet the pet’s needs. We give them one-on-one attention, treats, and pets. We also feed them, refresh their water, and ensure they are healthy and safe. Oftentimes, we double as house sitters; we bring in the mail, water plants, and alternate lights to make the home appear occupied.

In-home pet sitting can be pricey compared to boarding because it’s more personalized and exclusive. Yet, because pet sitting services are customizable, services can be scheduled strategically. In addition, pet parents with early or late flights don’t have to splurge for an extra night at a boarding facility that limits drop-off and pick-up times. Homes with multiple pets may save money by choosing a pet sitter. You also enjoy the convenience of keeping your pets home instead of having to transport to and from boarding when preparing for or returning from a trip.

Sitting vs. Boarding



Boarding is a popular option for pet parents who don’t want a pet care provider in their home while they are away. Some pet parents prefer to leave their pet outside the home while traveling. Because the quality of boarding facilities varies greatly, the cost associated with boarding can also range.

Boarding isn’t always the cold surroundings of cages and cement floors that come to mind when we think of kennels. These days, boarding facilities are often elegant pet spas where your pets live in the lap of luxury while you’re away. Boarding in this new era offers your pet a healthy menu, special play times, and deluxe housing. However, if you spring for the best package at the kennel, it may cost as much as a pet sitter or more. And, your pet won’t be in the comfort of their own home.

Boarding can also present health challenges that in-home pet sitting prevents. It is common for pets to suffer from extreme separation anxiety when boarded. While separation anxiety can happen with a pet sitting situation, it is less pronounced because the pet remains in a familiar environment. A pet that suffers from regular separation anxiety, senior pets, and special needs pets always do better at home, unless they require veterinary attention during your absence.  If your pet requires veterinary attention or round the clock medical care we recommend boarding with your regular veterinarian. 

Finally, boarding facilities require specific vaccinations and recommend that immune-compromised pets find other alternatives. Pet sitting is a great way to protect puppies and seniors from unnecessary exposure to germs and viruses.

Sitting vs. Boarding


Pet Sitting with Animal Admiration

When deciding between pet sitting vs. boarding for your pet, you must consider the options, your budget, and your lifestyle. If your pet may be stressed by being shipped away for a few days, then pet sitting could be the best option for them. However, if your pet is more social and healthy, then boarding may be a good choice as well. Each animal is different, and so is each care plan. We recommend you do your research and make the best decision for your pet so that YOU can enjoy your trip.

Animal Admiration Pet Care Services

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  1. Cal Driver

    Great post! You’re right that it comes down to budget and your pet’s temperament. My rescue Golden Retriever, Sadie, has some serious anxiety problems. We tried a kennel once, but that was one time too many. Good luck finding a solution that works for you and your best friend!

    • Brooke

      Cal thank you for your response. Animals with anxiety often don’t do well in kennels and pet sitting is a great choice!


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