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Brooke Rozell 

Phone: 281-391-1015

Pet Sitter Brooke Rozelle and her puppiesI’m Brooke Rozell the owner of Animal Admiration as well as a pet sitter. I started Animal Admiration in early 2011 to help provide professional, convenient, worry-free pet care in the Katy, West Houston, Cypress areas. Before going solo, I had joined forces with another pet sitter where I started my career of professional pet sitting back in 2003.
I was born and raised in Katy, Texas where my parents owned a horse stable and training facility. From the time I was little I was always getting new pets. My parents seemed to spoil me with everything I wanted (yes, I’m an only child) from dogs, cats, rabbits, mini horses, show horses, and everything in between. As I got into my teens I also picked up a love of some reptiles. This is due largely to the fact my uncle is a veterinarian here in the Houston, Texas area. I grew up between my parent’s barn and my uncle’s clinic.

I currently have 3 amazing babies … fur-babies that is. Amber, Dixie, and Leighla are my world and what most of my friends are forced to see and hear about. My dogs are all rescue dogs, in fact, Dixie was found at one of my pet sits. I also have a bearded dragon, Gucci, and 2 goldfish that seem to be nameless but like to watch me do dishes. I do have a passion for birds. I have had several lovebirds ad cockatoos over the years. Currently, my home is without an avian tenant but I have many bird feeders in my backyard where I attract, feed, and enjoy watching many wild birds as well as hummingbirds.

Animals have been and will always be a huge part of my life. They provide us so much enjoyment, entertainment, and teach us so much in life. I wish we all could love like our pets – unconditionally and without judgement. My services are here to help provide you a worry-free experience. Whether you’re traveling or stuck at work I’m here to provide companionship, love, and care for your pets. Your pets can stay in their own environment and I will be there to care for them just as I do my own.

For professional and dependable pet sitting services, please contact me today. I truly look forward to meeting you and your family.

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