Pet-Friendly Halloween Near Katy and Houston

Fall is in full swing and Halloween is around the corner. While many people enjoy Halloween festivities, our pets often don’t. Halloween can leave our pets with lots of questions. For this reason, we’ve come up with the following tips for a pet-friendly Halloween near Katy and Houston.

Attend Pet-Minded Events

Events that are specifically designed for pets are the best way to include our pets in the Halloween season. Because they are designed for pets, they prevent unnecessary fear or stress. Many organizations plan costume-optional dog walks and parades that keep pets at a safe distance while exercising. These types of events allow pet parents to keep their pets on-leash, in strollers, or backpacks for both their safety and enjoyment. Pets go at their own pace and pet parents can easily call it quits if they notice their pet is not enjoying the event. 

This year, Veranda Canine Park in Richmond, TX is celebrating the Halloween season with a park inauguration and Yappy Hour on Saturday, October 15th between 4 and 7 PM. Free admission, food trucks, and pet-focused activities at a park that is designed for dogs are a fun option for well-socialized dogs that enjoy the dog park experience and are comfortable in crowds.

For people with pets that prefer to lay low and chill on the couch instead of navigating crowds, The Houston SPCA’s 2022 Howl-O-Ween Ball may be the best way to enjoy Halloween festivities while supporting a very important pet-related cause. Humans get to dress up, attend a fabulous soiree, and help the local pet population. Last year’s event raised over one million dollars! 

Consider Safety When Choosing Pet Costumes

There are three basic rules when it comes to pet costume safety. Avoid choking hazards, keep them comfortable, and watch closely while your pet is dressed up. Some people say that dressing up your pet for Halloween is cruel because your pets don’t understand why or what is going on. Other people love it because it can be a fun way to make wonderful memories. 

We like minimally invasive costumes like superhero capes or this adorable Beanie Baby tag. It likely won’t be chilly in the Houston area on Halloween, but full-body outfits for pets that tend to enjoy wearing fitted clothing can be cute and festive. Always use your best judgment and make sure to keep an eye on your pet to quickly remove the costume once their body language and behavior indicate that it’s time.

Pet-Friendly Halloween

Reduce Stressors

Halloween is your front door’s busiest night of the year, which can make pets very tense. Not only that, but some pets can also be frightened by the costumes, noises, smells, and lighting changes. 

To avoid the stress associated with Trick or Treaters, set pets up away from all the commotion. We like to set our cats up in our room with comfy blankets and plenty of food. And we recommend that you set yourself up outside your house on a nice chair to hand out candy, which will reduce the number of times people come to your front door. Hand out candy from your walkway, by your garage, or anywhere that keeps trick-or-treaters at a safe distance from your home. 

While Halloween is meant to be fun, there are a handful of people who like to raise a bit of mischief. Pranksters often take their tricks out on innocent pets. For this reason, we encourage you to keep your pets indoors all day on the 31st, if not the day before and after as well.  Also, always make sure your pets are wearing collars with up-to-date tags in case they spook and run away.

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Decorating and picking out costumes is always a lot of fun. Trick-or-treating is a wonderful way to get outside and walk around the neighborhood. However, an enjoyable Halloween can easily turn sour if you’re not careful. It’s important to consider your pets’ safety and well-being on this spookiest of holidays.

Traveling somewhere for Halloween this year? Don’t forget to book your pet sitter when making your plans. Our team will make sure your pets remain comfy at home while goblins and ghouls roam their streets. To learn more about our pet sitting services, contact us at or call (281) 391-1015.



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