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At Animal Admiration, we strive to make caring for pets easier. We understand that cat lovers often find it difficult to keep up with litter box maintenance. From regular cat box scooping to entire box changes the litter box requires time and attention. Our Litter Box Cleaning services allow you to have a clean litter box and litter area without the time commitment and physical labor involved in managing the tasks yourself.

Included Litter Box Tasks

Service schedules are designed according to your needs. Daily litter box scooping, as well as weekly, biweekly, and monthly litter box deep cleaning and other specialized care, can be arranged.

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All-inclusive Pricing

No home is the same and every cat-friendly home requires different levels of care. Please contact our office so we can discuss your customized litter box care routine based on the number of pets, litter boxes, and frequency of visits. Prices start at just $24.00 (this rate depends on needs, number of cats, and based if you provide the supplies) per trip.

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Benefits of Proper Litter Box Maintenance for Cats

Cats are drawn to clean litter box environments.

Clean litter boxes encourage regular elimination, ensuring optimal urinary and gastric health.

Regular scooping can help caregivers detect urinary and gastric health issues early on

Consistent scooping prevents cat(s) from stepping in urine and feces and spreading particles around the home

Cats enjoy clean litter boxes, which reduces elimination-related stress

Benefits of Proper Litter Box Maintenance for Cats

Benefits of Proper Litter Box Maintenance for Humans

Clean litter boxes prevent inappropriate urination and defecation outside of the box

Swept and maintained litter box areas ensure a sanitary home environment for the whole family

Properly maintained litter boxes reduce unpleasant odors

Consistent scooping prevents pests that are attracted to cat waste

Benefits of Proper Litter Box Maintenance for Humans

What To Expect From Our Litter Box Maintenance Services

You may be present for services if you desire but Litter Box Maintenance services can also be performed in your absence

We are happy to work with your schedule to provide services at a time that is convenient for your and your loved ones

We can continue to provide ongoing services until you cancel your request; there is no cancellation fee or ongoing commitment.

What To Expect From Our Litter Box Maintenance Services

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