Keeping your Dog Safe from Coyote Attacks in Katy, Texas

Too often, Texas pet parents play Russian Roulette with their dogs’ lives. By thinking, “My dog will never be attacked by a coyote,” they are taking a big risk. Instead, keeping your dog safe from coyote attacks should be top of mind. Coyote attacks in Katy, Texas and its environs are not only possible, but they are also dangerous for all involved.

When Coyotes Attack

Coyote attacks on pets in urban and suburban neighborhoods DO happen. In fact, according to Click2Houston, “Texas Parks and Wildlife conceded that coyotes have become a common sight in urban and suburban areas as housing developments have expanded.” It has become more common to hear stories on the news like this one.

In the above-referenced case, a Harris County man let his dogs, three Schnauzers, out one evening while getting ready for bed. He suddenly heard howling and screeching.  His first thought was that his dogs may have been in a fight with a neighborhood dog. Imagine how he felt when he hurried to his backyard to find a coyote chasing two of his dogs as they ran for cover toward the family home. What followed next was even worse. The man was alerted by screams in the distance, he discovered his youngest dog was being attacked by a pack of twelve coyotes. The distraught man tried to scare the coyotes away but had no luck.  He fired his gun as one coyote came at him and then rushed to his dog’s side. Unfortunately, his dog did not survive the attack.

Preventing Coyote Attacks

Keeping your dog safe from coyote attacks is possible. Taking the following precautions helps prevent attacks from coyotes and other wildlife.

Don’t Leave Your Dog Unattended

Unattended pets are at a higher risk of being attacked. This is especially important for smaller pets, often seen as prey. Don’t be fooled, however, into thinking your larger animal is not at risk for coyote attacks. Larger dogs will be attacked if they are perceived as a threat.

Properly Fence Your Yard

For optimum protection, it is recommended that yards be fenced to keep wildlife out. To protect against coyotes, in particular, the fence must be at least six feet high. It should also go underground by at least 6 inches.

If you’re unable to bury your fence, it can also be installed parallel to the ground but should be installed using landscaping staples. Additionally, PVC piping or a coyote roller should be placed up top thereby making it more difficult for a coyote to scale your fence.

Don’t Leave Food and Water Bowls Outside

Prevent attracting coyotes and other wildlife to your yard by keeping outdoor food and water bowls to a minimum. Unfortunately, this includes when you’re feeding feral or outdoor cats in your yard. Food and water left out for your dog, or other pets, may attract hungry or thirsty coyotes, increasing your pet’s chances of coming face-to-face with a threat.

Cover Compost Piles

Animal bones and fats are an open invitation for coyotes to come into your yard. Follow all safe handling practices when composting and consider minimizing composting during the breeding season, which we address below.

Walk dogs on Leash and Stay Alert

When walking your dogs, especially at night, keep your dogs on a close leash even if you think they are trained to stay by your side. Always stay alert while walking and reduce any distractions like phone use. The more alert you are to your surroundings and your pet’s body language, the better equipped you will be to respond to emergencies.

It’s often advisable to bring along protection. Pepper spray, SprayShield, and/or a noise maker may help you scare a coyote away. Please be sure to follow local ordinances regarding the use of any deterrents and keep your kids and pets away from anything that could cause them harm.

Keep Rodents Away

If you have bird feeders in your yard, keep them elevated. Also, be diligent about cleaning up any seed that falls on the ground. Coyotes are not generally interested in eating bird seed, they ARE interested in the rodents that will feed on them, however.

Prepare for Breeding Season

Coyotes will make themselves more known during the breeding season, which is from January through March. The breeding season makes them more of a threat to your dogs, and other family pets. Remaining on high alert and taking preventative measures during the breeding season is even more important than the rest of the year.

Be Proactive

Remember, keeping your dog safe from coyote attacks is not out of your hands. You should always be proactive about keeping your dogs and other pets safe from these known predators. Follow and share these tips to help your loved ones can also proactively prevent coyote attacks.

At Animal Admiration Pet Care, we make prevention our priority. Whether we’re preventing coyote attacks, caring for ill or special needs pets, or helping socialize a stranger-averse pet, our team makes management our priority. Because we take your pet’s and home’s safety so seriously, we will always prepare for the worst and hope for the best. We believe that we owe it to our clients to be able to step in on their behalf if there is a pet or home-related problem in their absence.

Consult this page to learn more about our dog walking, pet sitting, and home care services. Please contact us at or (281) 391-1015 with any questions or to schedule a consultation. We look forward to being your trusted partner in your pet’s care.



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