Keeping Pets Safe on Halloween

Keeping Pets Safe on HalloweenFall is in full swing and Halloween is just around the corner.  While most people really enjoy the festivities of Halloween, our pets are not always the biggest of fans. I mean, it’s like you can almost hear their thoughts play out during the month of October, “Hey you guys! Sooo, what is going on with that crazy black cat in the yard doesn’t move?  And what is up with all these white strings everywhere with spiders in them?  And why don’t they move either?!  Seriously guys, I’m for real now, there’s a really really skinny person that cackles and lights up every time you walk by, why is he even here?! Most importantly, what is going on with your face and who are all of these weird looking people coming to my door?!!  HELP ME!!!” 

As you can imagine, it can be a little bit of a stressful time of your pets, but it doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare for them. There is no reason we can’t enjoy this jovial time with our pets in tow. Take a look at these few simple ways to keep them happy and safe all Halloween.


  1. Costumes: There are three basic rules when it comes to costume safety. Avoid choking hazards, keep them comfortable and keep watch while they are dressed up. Some people say that dressing up your pet for Halloween is cruel because your pets don’t understand why or what is going on. Other people love it because it can be in good fun and it’s a great time to make wonderful memories with the family. Overall, I think something along the lines of a super hero cape, or a cute and warm full body outfit, like a bear would be best. it’s best to use your judgement and make sure to keep an eye on how they react to the costume throughout the night.
  2. Keeping them Calm: Halloween is the busiest night of the year for your front door and can make your pet tense.  Not only that, some pensive pets can be frightened by the costumes. Most of the time it’s best to set them up a special area away from all of the commotion. What we like to do in our house is set our cats up in our room with comfy blankets and plenty of food then shut the door until we turn out the light.
  3. Safety Tips: Halloween is mostly about good fun, but there are a handful people who like to raise a bit of mischief. Pranksters often take out their tricks on innocent pets.  It’s best to keep your pets inside all day on the 31st, if not the day before and after as well.  Also, just in case they do get out somehow, make sure their tags are updated with your latest contact information for a speedy return home.

Decorating and picking out costumes is always a lot of fun and trick or treating is a wonderful time to get outside and walk around the neighborhood.  However, an enjoyable evening can easily turn sour if you’re not careful.  It’s important to keep your pets safe and stress free on this spookiest of holidays.




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