How Many Pet Sitting Visits Does My Pet Need?

Deciding the number of daily pet sitting visits your pet needs may be one of the most important things to consider when enlisting the services of a professional pet sitter. Because no two pets are alike, there’s no cookie-cutter answer. Today, we will guide you through the decision and help you answer the question “how many pet sitting visits does my pet need while I’m away?” Here goes!

Type of Pet

The type of pet you have is one of the main factors you should consider when scheduling pet sitting services. Cats generally do well with fewer visits than dogs, for example. Assuming they have a litter box at their disposal and are healthy, cats do well with one to two visits per day.  Dogs, on the other hand, are more dependent on the pet sitter to arrive at the proper time for potty breaks in the backyard or leashed walks around the neighborhood therefore we recommend an average of three visits per day for most dogs.

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Specific Needs

Once you’ve considered the type of pet you have, consider each pet’s specific needs. Keep in mind that there’s a great deal more to a pet sit than just a potty break and more to a cat sit than scooping litter.

Many pet sits include one-on-one attention and belly rubs, playtime and enrichment, a long walk through the neighborhood, a thorough brushing of the fur, and medication administration.  Whether your pet is a cat or a dog, consider how often the pet sitter needs to visit to meet your pet’s individual needs. If your pet eats twice per day, for example, then plan to have the pet sitter stop by at least that often. If your dog needs a potty break every 5-6 hours during the day when you’re home, we encourage you to plan your pet sitting visits accordingly.

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Pets are creatures of habit. Removing you from their daily life while you’re traveling already represents a significant change in your pet’s routine. For this reason, it’s imperative to keep pets on a schedule that closely mirrors their regular day-to-day. If your pet is used to eating at 7 am and 4 pm, then it makes sense for you to schedule pet sits around those times.  If your dog is used to a little Scooby snack and a walk before bedtime, then you should request a pet sit at that time as well. Failing to keep your pet’s routine consistent while you’re away could result in accidents inside the house, anxiety, and stress-induced behaviors.


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Still wondering “How Many Pet Sitting Visits Does My Pet Need?” We are happy to help you customize a visit schedule that will keep your pet thriving while you’re away. Contact us at or call us at (281) 391-1015 to learn more about our services.



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