Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter vs a Friend

Going out of town can be expensive. Cost and budget constraints are the main reasons pet parents turn to their friends and neighbors to care for their pets. While it may seem easier on the wallet, skimping on pet care is a risk. It can put you in a world of trouble should something unexpected happen. Following are our top three reasons why hiring a professional pet sitter vs a friend is always the best choice.

1. Priorities

For professional pet sitters, taking care of your pet is our job. Our goal is to ensure that your pets are safe and sound while in our care. We care for them per your requested schedule and instructions. If there is an emergency, our team has backup sitters in place to ensure that services are never interrupted, no matter the operational challenges we run into.

When you have a friend or neighbor commit to checking on your pets, they may not make it a priority.  Heaven forbid they oversleep or are late for work, your pet may be waiting to be let out, fed, and otherwise cared for.

2. Knowledge & Professionalism

Professional pet sitters are trained and equipped to handle problems. Neighbors and friends may not know how to recognize signs and symptoms that require immediate medical attention. If your pet is sick, for example, their condition may worsen quickly. Your neighbor or friend may want to “wait it out” until you get home, but sometimes pets need to see the vet as soon as symptoms arise.

As professional pet sitters, we also engage and play with the pets in our care. We exercise them according to their specific needs and abilities. By spending specific amounts of time with your pet, we give them much-needed interaction and get to know them. With an established pet sitter/pet relationship, problems are more quickly addressed; pets also enjoy stability and routine when their family is away.

3. Peace of Mind

In addition to our premium level of care we offer the pets, professional pet sitters also care for your home.

Professional pet sitters make your home appear occupied by alternating lights and blinds. Pros also keep an eye out and bring plumbing, electrical, and other maintenance issues to your attention as soon as they are spotted. And, we bring in your mail, water your plants, and clean up pet messes.

Hiring a company like Animal Admiration Pet Care Services minimizes your liability because we are bonded and insured. If a member of our team makes a mistake, our insurance has you covered. If your friend or neighbor does, however, the repairs, replacement, and costs associated with injury or damage fall on you and your homeowner’s insurance. An insurance claim can cost a lot more in the long run than hiring a professional pet sitter would have cost.

Animal Admiration Pet Care Services

Even with the best intentions, the average friend or neighbor cannot provide the standard of care that a professional can. Saving a few bucks may cost you in the longrun. We, therefore, encourage you to give your pets the very best care. Fully enjoy your time away knowing that your pet is always in exceptionally capable and dedicated hands with a professional.

If you’re in Katy, Richmond, Fulshear, Cypress, or West Houston, Texas, the best bet for your pet will always be Animal Admiration Pet Sitting. For more information on our services, contact Brooke at (281) 391-1015 or email us at info@animaladmiration.com.



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