Keeping Your Pet Safe … Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween can be a fun time of year for families with pets. There are parties, dog walks that promote animal shelters and rescues, costume contests and more. There are smaller events sponsored by local businesses and there are larger events sponsored by large corporations and neighborhoods. Whatever you are participating in, it’s a good idea to make plans for your furkid before you head out. Will you be taking him or her with you or will he or she be staying home? Here are a few Halloween pet safety tips that can help keep you and your pet safe … 

Don’t take your pet trick or treating. – While this may sound like a great idea, keep in mind it can be a very scary time of year for your pet. Walking around the neighborhood and seeing large crowds of unrecognizable people in costumes can be daunting for people let alone a pet that does not understand what Halloween is all about. What about that neighbor that goes all out with lots of large decorations that flail in the wind and play spooky Halloween music? All of these things can be scary to a pet and you certainly don’t want to take a chance on your furkid getting startled and running away in all the commotion.

Don’t feed your pet Halloween candy. – This one can be tempting. You and your kids are separating the Halloween candy on the table. There are lots of crinkly wrappers that attract the attention of the four leggers in the house. Surely one piece won’t hurt them? The answer? If you’re not sure, DON’T feed it to them. There are obviously several types of table food that are more than safe for our pets. That being said, when in doubt it’s always best to stick to food and treats that are specifically designed for your pet.

If you are participating in a Halloween themed event you may want to check ahead of time and make sure pets are allowed before bringing them. – This one is short and to the point. If you have plans to go to a party or other Halloween event this year, don’t assume it’s ok to bring your pet. Not all events are safe for pets and not all hosts or hostesses, even if they’re pet lovers, want pets at their party.

Events that invite you to bring your pet can be fun! But, is your pet a good fit for a large group activity? – Some people are under the impression that all pets are social. Unfortunately, this is just not the case. Many pets are social butterflies and could care less about their surroundings. They may be happy anywhere and around any number of people. Then there are those that are more reserved and just don’t do well in social situations. In some cases you may have a senior pet who used to love going to these events in their younger days. Perhaps now they would just assume lay at home on their soft comfortable bed and snooze the day away while you and your family take part in the fun.

As with any information and safety tips regarding pets it’s important to remember that all pets are different, and all situations are different. What works for one pet may not work for another of the same age and breed. You know your pet best, and in the end only you can decide what is best for them. Happy Halloween!

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