Great American Eclipse Day 2024: Keeping Your Pets Safe & Comfortable

Eclipse Day is less than a week away. CW39 Houston has a full report on what to expect. Yet, most of us are still confused as to what the eclipse will entail, how it will affect our day, and what our pets are going to think. Houston is forecasted to see the effects of the eclipse after 1:27 p.m. CDT on Monday, April 8th, 2024 when the path of totality starts in South Texas. In an attempt to clear up the cosmos, we’re breaking down what you need to know about the Great American Eclipse Day 2024: Keeping Your Pets Safe & Comfortable.

Great American Eclipse Day 2024: What’s Going to Happen in Houston?

Per reports by TEGNA Digital’s Randy Klein, “If you’re in Houston, you won’t see complete totality, but will be pretty darn close.” “According to NASA, he added, “Houston will get 94.2 percent coverage. The partial eclipse begins in the Bayou City at 12:20 p.m. We’ll see the fullest coverage at 1:40 p.m. The partial eclipse then ends in Houston at 3:01 p.m.” Cory McCord (KHOU) is less excited about the coverage we’ll see in Houston but has some recommendations: “…if you’re able to go about 60 miles northwest of the city, it will be a much more exciting view,” he said.

Totality refers to the path of specific locations on Earth that fall in the center of the moon’s shadow when eclipses occurs. At 100% totality, the moon blocks the sun entirely, causing darkness. Fred Espenak, a former astrophysicist from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and author of “Road Atlas for the Total Solar Eclipse of 2024 told ABC News that “When the sun’s disc is completely covered by the moon, daylight suddenly changes from bright sunlight to a very eerie twilight in a matter of seconds.” Pretty cool, huh?

Great American Eclipse Day 2024: What Are Animals Going to See?

While animals – domesticated and otherwise – may not know anything about astrophysics and NASA, they know when it’s morning and night. On Monday, animals in the path of totality (in the moon’s shadow) will notice a sudden darkening of the world around them. If sheltering or indoors, it might not be as noticeable but, especially for wild birds, the change may be surprising and unsettling. For this reason, Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, which is expected to get more than 4 minutes of darkness, is going to observe and document the animal’s reactions to the sudden change in light.

Great American Eclipse Day 2024: What Are We Going to See & Feel?

houston pet careThose capturing the eclipse should not only wear their eye protection but also listen for the sounds of insects and wild birds as they will likely change. Experts say that observers may experience an eery silence that usually occurs when world suddenly and inexplicably goes dark and birds go silent.

Many observers will observe sudden darkness for close to 5 minutes, depending on where they are. Experts report that stars and planets may be more visible and temperatures will drop as the moon covers the sun. In Houston, our “darkness” will be more mild since we’re not in the path of totality. NASA has been quoted as saying that people have deep emotional responses when the sun goes into totality. It’s probably a good thing we won’t be that deep in the path of this eclipse… I mean, who needs big feelings on a Monday morning?!

Great American Eclipse Day 2024: What About Our Pets?

houston cat sitterI recently heard a radio couple discussing their dogs during the 2017 eclipse. They discussed how they checked security camera footage before, during, and after the eclipse to see if they were in any way affected. Apparently, their dogs did absolutely nothing out of the ordinary and enjoyed their slumber as usual.

This will likely be the case with most of our pets during this year’s eclipse – a whole lot of nothing.

Great American Eclipse Day 2024: What Will Our Pets Need?

dog walker katy texasIf traveling to the eclipse’s path of totality, your pet is likely safe to tag along. If you’re headed somewhere crowded, however, keep your pet close and on a reliable leash and harness. Never leave your pet alone in a parked car or tied up unsupervised. Unfortunately, people may put their enjoyment of the eclipse above your pet’s safety. Your pet could get lost, overheat in the vehicle, or be trampled.

As for pets at home, we recommend you treat this as you would an impending thunderstorm. Especially if you have weather-sensitive pets, consider applying your usual management techniques that morning. Specifically, consider dosing your pet with their usual CBD, giving them a calming treat or two before you leave, or using the pharmaceutical soothers you might use during weather events. While it may not be necessary, it’s always a good idea to plan for the worst and prepare for the best. If reluctant to dose your pet while you’re out of the house, discuss a smaller dose with your veterinarian.

Great American Eclipse Day 2024: What Won’t Our Pets Need?

eclipse katy 2024In addition to the above precautions, we recommend bringing your outdoor pets indoors before the eclipse. You never know how outdoor pets will react to the sudden darkness. Provide adequate shelter for them in case they get scared or stressed. While they might usually enjoy their freedom, it may be overwhelming to be in an outdoor space alone when the world goes dark long before your dog expects it to.

No, pets don’t need eye protection from the eclipse. That said, they also don’t need to see the eclipse therefore please do not pick your pet up or force their faces toward the sky. Leave your pet alone and let them experience the eclipse according to their nature – however that manifests on Monday. This event is for human consumption so enjoy!

Animal Admiration Pet sitting dog walking Services Katy, TX

Eclipse or not, at Animal Admiration we’re always happy to help if you are concerned about your pet’s wellbeing while you’re away from home. If you think your pet may need a check-in after the eclipse, let us know. We’re happy to do our best to accommodate more pets on Monday’s schedule to ensure everyone is safe and sound.

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We look forward to hearing about your and your pets’ eclipse experience! Comment below.



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Animal Admiration Pet sitting dog walking Services Katy, TX

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