Frozen Dog Treats to Make with your Kids

Frozen Dog Treats to Make with your Kids​Looking to cool down this summer? Your dog probably is, too.  So why not gather the kids and make some frozen dog treats? Not only will your dog appreciate a taste of frozen goodness, but you can bond with your kids all the while teaching them some good old fashion life skills. Frozen dog treats are easy to make so why not give it a try?

Making frozen dog treats with or without your kids has never been easier.  Hundreds or recipes are available right at your fingertips. Here’s your starting point!

Make Frozen Dog Treats

Try this frozen dog treat recipe from Cooking with Janica.  This simple recipe only requires three ingredients.  Grab a 32 ounce tub of plain yogurt, 3 tablespoons of xylitol free peanut butter, and one banana sliced.  Blend all ingredients until creamy, pour in a silicone mold or ice tray and freeze.  This recipe yields about 30 frozen dog treats.

Another must try frozen dog treat recipe you should try is from Baking Mischief. This one is even easier because it only calls for two ingredients! Puree 2 cups of chopped, seedless watermelon.  Using a silicone mold, add one tablespoon of yogurt to each spot in the mold and top off with watermelon mixture.  This recipe yields about 15 frozen dog treats.

Feeling a little adventurous?

Being adventurous doesn’t necessary equal complicated and messy. Get creative. Experiment with some pet friendly ingredients of your own and come up with your own frozen dog treat recipe.  It’s easier than you think.

Pick a base.

In the two recipes that I shared above, the base was frozen yogurt.  You can pick your own liquid base! The sky is the limit.  You can use chicken or beef broth, rice milk, pumpkin puree, baby food, sugar free applesauce and even baby food.

Blend or puree.

Pick one or two ingredients that your dog loves for a winning combination.  Try apples, blueberries, cheese, green beans, sweet potato and even ground beef.

Freeze and the frozen dog treats are ready for your dog enjoy!  See that doesn’t sound so bad does it? By getting creative you might not even need a trip to the grocery store!

Don’t have time to get fancy?

There are now frozen dog treat products on the market that come prepared and frozen for you.  There are also products that come premade and just require you to add water and freeze.  It’s never been easier to keep your dog cool, that’s for sure.

One frozen dog treat product you should try Pet Cakes Yum Yum Bones Banana Carob Mix. This is one of those “just add water, freeze and thaw” products that makes treating your dog a snap.  Not only that, the ingredients are human grade, gluten free and include collagen and turmeric.  This is the first homemade frozen treat that promotes support of the hips and joints.

Another healthy, frozen dog treat “mix” option, is the Pooch Creamery Peanut Butter Flavor Ice Cream Mix.  Simply add water, freeze and thaw.  The powder is not only grain free, it’s made with real peanuts and other premium ingredients. It’s also made with lactose-free milk so you don’t have to even worry about tummy troubles with this one.  This made in the USA product comes in other flavors, too.

Making dog treats with or without your kids this summer will be a lot of fun. Which recipe will you try? Let us know your favorite frozen dog treat recipe.  We’d love to try it out, too.



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