Finding the best pet sitter near me

Finding the best pet sitter near meWondering how to find the best pet sitter? People love their pets.  In fact, Americans are now spending to the tune of billions of dollars each year on their pets!  That’s just one indicator to show just how much people are invested in and care about their pets.  So, it’s no wonder that when it comes to choosing the best pet sitter, people agonize and fret over just who to choose.  Some families even refrain from taking vacations because they’re so worried about who to entrust with the furry members of the family.  While choosing the best pet sitter for your pets is a very important decision and should not be taken lightly, it doesn’t have to be SO hard. If you have found yourself wondering “How do I find the best pet sitter near me?” then you’ve come to the right place! 

Follow these guidelines to choose the best pet sitter for your pets

Is the company licensed, bonded and insured?

A professional company comes with certain measures of security in place.  Most professional companies will be licensed, bonded and insured.  This places the burden of responsibility, should something go wrong, with the pet sitting company.  This will not be the case should you enlist the services of a good friend, neighbor or independent contractor.  In those cases you, as the homeowner, will be responsible in many (if not all) situations. 

Do they provide contracts?

Another indicator that a pet sitting company is, in fact, a professionally operating company is the provision of a contract.  A contract shows that the pet sitting company means business, quite literally! A contract clearly spells out what services will be rendered, as well as the responsibilities and expectations of each party.  You won’t be left to wonder what will take place while you are gone between your pets and the pet sitter.

Do they require you to meet the pet sitters?

A professional company will always REQUIRE a meet and greet.  Just as you should be looking to see if the pet sitter is the best fit for you and your pet, the pet sitter will be doing the same thing! A meet and greet is a time for you to ask questions in person so be prepared for this.  This is often the time that the pet sitting company will provide you with the contract outlining the services you can expect to receive.  More importantly, and maybe most importantly, you will be able to see how the pet sitter interacts with your pets.  All in all, you’ll get a feeling of the company as a whole during the meet and greet.

Do they carefully screen all employees?

In this day and age, you can never be too cautious when it comes to inviting any service workers, or anyone for that matter, into your home.  A professional pet sitting company will screen all of their employees via references of their past as well as a background check.  Be assertive and be sure to ask exactly what the employees are screened for!  Contrary to popular belief, not all background checks are the same.  You should also be aware that if you choose to bring a friend, neighbor or independent contractor into your home, you will have to do the background check yourself, which also means you have to pay for it.

Do they know how to handle emergencies?

Even with the best laid plans and the best pet sitter, emergencies may occur.  One of the leading causes of death for the household pet is accidents that are preventable.  This means that anyone you leave to take care of your pets should be trained in Pet First Aid and CPR. How someone responds to any accident or emergency with your pet could mean the difference between life and death. The pet sitter should have an emergency plan in place for any and all scenario that could potentially take place. Be sure to ask questions about how the pet sitting company handles emergencies.  What will they do if your home floods? What will they do if your pet is injured? What will they do if your pet becomes lethargic and dehydrated? What will they do if they have an emergency at another pet sit visit and are running late to visit your pet? You get my drift?

Do they keep you informed while you’re away?

Every pet sitting company keeps their clients informed in one way or another.  Whether it’s a daily email, a text message with photos or direct access to your pets via a pet cam of some sort you can expect to be informed of how your pets are doing while you are away! Technology makes this a piece of cake.  Some companies even offer GPS tracking so you know where your pet is at any time during your departure.  How would you like to stay informed? I’m sure the company you pick will be sure to oblige. 

Now, more than ever, there are so many options when it comes to choosing a pet sitter for your pets.  We hope you will keep these guidelines in mind as you narrow down your search for the BEST pet sitter!  Good luck and happy searching!

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  1. Derek Dewitt

    My wife and I are leaving for vacation in a few days, so we are looking for a pet sitter in town. I like your point about asking if the pet sitter will keep your informed when away. I want constant updates on how our dog is doing, so I’ll be sure to ask about this.

  2. Amelie Yates

    Thanks so much for sharing such a useful guide about how we can find out the best pet sitter. You have pointed out some extremely valid points and all viable options for this situation. As a pet owner, I will try to follow up your valuable concept. I’ll try this option on my next trip, hope my pup will get proper care.


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