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Our FAQs answer some of the most commonly asked questions to get you started on our in-home pet sitting and dog walking services.


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How do I get started?

First, start by a phone call or by clicking the green “New User Registration” button. From there we can discuss your pet(s) individual needs and we would then set up a consultation at your home. This meeting takes approximately 30 minutes to meet you, your pet(s), learn the routine and get the fine details.

Often we hear people don’t travel because of their pets. Don’t let that stop you. We are here to copy your exact routine even if it involves hand feeding your pup or making certain foodie toppers. We have heard and done almost everything.

Why do I need a professional pet sitter over a friend or neighbor?
While having a trusted neighbor or friend pop in and care for your pet(s) seems so simple there are factors to consider.  Hiring Animal Admiration means you don’t have to impose on your friends and their busy schedules.  Also, should an emergency come up with your friend, your pet(s) may be left without care.  Should you be delayed we are always prepared to continue watching your pet(s) till you can safely make it home.

For more information on why you should hire a professional check out our blog …

How does staying home benefit my pet(s)?
  • Your pet remains in the comfort of your own home, where all the sights, smells, and sounds are familiar.
  • Animals left at home are much less likely to suffer anxiety and stress.
  • Your pet is not traumatized by travel in a vehicle.
  • Your pet follows his or her customary diet and exercise routine.
  • Your pet is not exposed to illness of other animals.
  • Most importantly, the pet receives love and personal attention while you are away.
  • Walks and plenty of outside time
  • Cuddle time and sweet talk
  • Playtime, favorite toys and chew treat
  • Special dietary needs or preferences

Pets placed in kennels often experience:

  • Small, cramped cages
  • Loud, continuous barking
  • Exposure to illness
  • Loss of appetite due to high levels of stress
  • Experience a lot of stress – mental and physical
  • Constant commotion with numerous employees and upset pets
  • A few short periods of outside time
  • Not enough one on one attention

While most pets do better in their own home there are some pets who do better in a boarding facitly.  If you’re unsure call us today and we can discuss your pet and what may best fit their needs.


What are the extra benefits for me, the human?
  • Personalized service for you and your pet(s)
  • You are not inconvenienced (or traumatized!) by transporting you pet(s)
  • Bonded & Insured
  • Last minute emergency service (human hospitalization / crisis)
  • Text / Email / Call updates
  • Key Program
  • Disaster Plans (flooding & hurricanes)
  • Easy to use scheduling software allows you to be in charge of the exact visits that show on our schedules
  • You do not have to impose on a friend, neighbor or relative
  • Your home is more secure as we provide crime deterrent services, such as adjusting blinds, lights, TV, and radio, bringing in mail and removing papers from the driveway.
  • You can leave home worry-free, knowing your pet is in good hands.
  • You can return home at any hour of the day and find your healthy, happy pet eagerly awaiting your return.
  • Little or no stress (for your pet and you)
  • Access to call your pet-sitter to check on your pets at anytime
  • Your mail, newspapers, and packages will be brought in
  • Your plants will be watered
  • Peace of mind that your home and pets are being watched over by someone responsible

Full-Service Pet Sitting. One price covers all.


What services do you provide?

We provide a variety of services to help make life a little less stressful for you.  Please check out our services page for more detail on services provided.

What type of pets do you care for?
Customized home pet sitting for all pets including, but not limited to, dogscatsreptilessmall animalslivestockexoticsfresh & saltwater aquatics, and avian. 
What does it cost to have a pet sitter?

No two pet(s) are alike, therefore, each pet and home will require different levels of care and visit frequency. We can better quote you a rate after speaking with you and learning about your pet’s routine and needs. That said, a typical visit starts around $22.00. We often debunk the idea that pet sitting is more expensive than boarding.  Many of our client’s, especially those with multiple pets, find our services to save them money.

Please visit our pricing page for more information.

What if I'm not sure I want someone in my home?

We understand that It’s hard to leave your world in someone else’s hands. Get to know our team by visiting our meet our team page. There, you will get a feel for who will be caring for your pet while you’re away. Our team members are background checked, insured, and bonded. We do our do diligence so that you may enjoy peace of mind leaving your pet’s in our very capable team’s hands.

How do I schedule services?

We use a state of the art scheduling system that allows us to access our daily schedules from our home computers and our smartphones.  It also eMails us 2 copies of our schedules during the day so we don’t miss a visit.  You have access to go in and request visits (use the existing client booking button) or double check you have reserved certain days.  We send a confirmation at the time of scheduling.


How many sits should I schedule for my pet?
We recommend households with dogs to schedule 3 visits per day and cats one visit per day.  We can, however, accommodate as many visits as needed throughout the day.  If you are unsure how many visits you need, call us and we can help you decide what will fit best for your household.


What do I need for the consultation?
When setting up the consultation we will eMail you our service agreements.  We ask, if possible, that you print and complete them before we arrive.  Once we arrive we will go over the agreements and answer any questions you may have.  We will also go over the routine, see where everything is located, security system codes, and of course, meet your pet(s).  At the time of the consultation, we ask that you have two (2) keys ready for us that have already been tested.


Do I meet a sitter before I leave?
Yes.  We require every new client to schedule a consultation before their first visit.  The consultation is complimentary and lasts usually no more than 30 minutes.


Is the sitter I meet the sitter who will be in my home?
Yes.  Typically that is the only sitter who will be in your home, however, should something happen to your primary sitter we do have qualified backup sitters to care for your pet(s).
What if I need to cancel?
Animal Admiration understands things come up and everything doesn’t happen as planned.  We only charge cancellation on overnight stays, not regular visits.  The cancellation fee for overnight stays is $50 per night cancelled if not cancelled within 2 weeks prior to the first night.

We do, however, kindly ask that as soon as you know you don’t need your visits please notify us immediately.


What if something happens to my sitter and I'm already gone?
Should something unforeseen happen to your primary sitter, Animal Admiration always has a qualified backup sitter within the company.  We do get sick, have family emergencies, or something could happen to us.

This is also one of the benefits using a professional pet sitting company vs a trusted neighbor or friend.

How are my keys handled?
We require two keys at the initial consultation.  Keys are tagged and stored in a lock box when not in use.  Most customers ask us to keep their keys for future visits. This helps in the case of an emergency or the occasional call we get when a customer locks themselves out of their home.  We are here to help.
When and how do I pay for services?
For first time clients, we collect full payment of scheduled visits at the time of consultation.  Once you’re established you can either have a credit card on file or leave cash or check for your sitter to pick-up on the first visit.

We accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks.

How much notice is needed when scheduling a pet sitter?
In order to reserve the dates and times for pet care, it is suggested a client book the time at least a week in advance, and one month in advance for holiday bookings.

Animal Admiration is noted for flexibility, and we understand that last minute trips are sometimes unavoidable. We will do everything possible to accommodate your needs. We do not charge a last minute booking fee, however, it is strongly suggested to book as far in advance as possible to assure we can service your pet(s).

We require all our bookings to be made online using our secure scheduling system. This ensures no visit can be overlooked or missed.

What do I need to do to prepare to leave?
Please ensure you have enough supplies, such as food, medication, cat litter, to last your trip.  We also ask you to please leave out cleaning supplies in the event of any messes, your pets leash, and dishes.  If you are a repeat client please logging and make sure your profile, as well as your pet’s profile, are current and complete.  Any changes in emergency contact, feeding, medications needs to be noted in your online profile.
What does the sitter do during the visit?
For a typical visit, your sitter will provide feeding per your instructions as well as fresh water.  We also provide a walk and/or playtime.  We will go over the routine that was discussed at the consultation as well as pick up mail, paper, and water plants if requested.  Our visits are not time-based unless you have requested, we provide the care discussed as well as companionship then we lock up your home.  Typically you can expect your sitter to be in your home for approximately 30 minutes.
What if my pet has an emergency while I'm away?
Should there be an emergency while you’re away your sitter will take your pet to the veterinarian you have listed.  Should your vet be too far or closed at the time your sitter will take your pet to the closest vet or emergency clinic. Your sitter will try to contact you and/or your emergency contact person immediately.
What should I expect when I return from my trip?

We will leave a note letting you know how your pet(s) did in your absence.  We ask when you arrive home, no matter the time, to please call our office 281-391-1015 and inform us you made it back safely.  Often times there are delays that may prevent you from getting home on time, please if you know of any delays call and let us know.  We may make additional visits if we do not hear that you have arrived home.   This is to ensure your pet(s) are always cared for. Those additional visits will be billed to you.

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