7 Essential Items to Take on a Hike with Your Dog

7 Essential Items to Take on a Hike with Your Dog

After the scorching hot dog days of summer, the cool breezes of the fall are truly wonderful. They beckon you to finally emerge from your air conditioned cocoon and enjoy the sunny day. And that is exactly why October is perfect for hiking. You can bet that your dog is ready to get out in nature too. Our canines are some of the best trail companions you can have.

If you’re planning to hit the trails, make sure to take some of these essential items when you go on a hike with your dog.

1. Water and a collapsible bowl – You can never have too much water on a trail. Take as much as you can carry comfortably. Then grap a collapsible bowl so you can pop it open anytime your pup

2. Dog food or trail treats -Bring treats for yourself and your dog. Depending on how long the hike is you may want to bring more than just treats and back a small bag of dog food.

3. First aid kit – a small first aid kit stashed in a backpack is a must any time you’re hiking.

4. Dog back pack – Don’t carry the load all on your own. Your dog can easily wear their own backpack with their supplies. In fact it can help give them their own sense of purpose on the trial.

5. Booties – Dogs can greatly benefit from having boots on their feet on a trail. Rough terrain, briers, and sharp sticks can all be hazardous to your dogs tender paws.

6. Tags/ID with leash and collar – Never go on a trail without a leash and collar. Also, snap a quick picture of your dog before you head out. This way if they get lost you can have a picture to show around.

7. Poop Bags – The rule of the trail is “what you pack in, you pack out.” This goes for dog waste as well. No one wants to step in poo while hiking, so make sure to bring plenty of bags for clean up.


Now that you know what to bring, stay tuned next week for the best trails in the Katy, Cypress, Spring, and West Houston area!



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