Daily Pet Sitting Visits for Cats

Cats are considered self-reliant because they are generally easy-going and independent pets. Most cats enjoy relaxing by a sunny window or in a comfy bed most of the day. For this reason, cat parents sometimes think their cats need little to no care while they are away. They imagine their cats eating, sleeping, and chasing a toy mouse. Because we love cats and want the best for them, we believe that daily pet sitting visits for cats are a must.

Daily Pet Sitting Visits for Cats: Cat Care Basics

There is much more to cat care than the bare minimum of feeding and scooping litter. While often not as accident-prone as dogs, cats can get into trouble, especially when left alone for prolonged periods.

When I was younger, I had a cat in my first apartment and went on vacation for the first time.  I was only going to be gone for the weekend and thought, “She’ll be fine; it’s only two days.”

So, I filled two giant bowls of food and water and ensured her litter was clean. Of course, I set up a few comfy places for her to rest and off I went. Time for a fun-filled weekend with friends!

Even though my cat was fine when I returned, she had gotten into some shenanigans while I was away. There was Tupperware all over the floor. Carpets were scratched. Picture frames were knocked over. And, worst of all, she had run out of food. Seeing the state of affairs broke my heart. I had left her alone, unsupervised, lonely, and stressed. It wasn’t fair to her and created a mess for me to address upon my return.

I immediately realized I should have hired a pet sitter every day I was gone. I was lucky the damage was minor, but as a professional cat sitter, I’ve seen a few scenarios that truly drive home the need for daily cat sitting visits. The following are just a few situations that can happen when you leave your kitty home alone.

Cat Care Basics: Cats Can Run Out of Food & Water

cat sitter katy tx A bored cat may eat more than an active cat. Even if you think you’ve put down enough food, there is a chance they will run out long before you return. In addition, many cats will knock over their food and water bowls, leaving them without anything to drink or food they refuse to eat for days. It’s hard to predict what a stressed or overwhelmed cat will do, but you can rest assured it will likely cause more stress if they run out of food and water.

Cat Care Basics: Cats Can Get Trapped or Tangled

cat sitting katy txCats naturally love to run and hide. They are also resistant to change. When their humans travel, cats tend to hide more than usual. My cats love getting behind the TV and windows. Unfortunately, sneaking or zooming near entertainment centers and window treatments could cause them to become tangled or strangled by cords. Cords on drawstring bags, toy parts, and other household items can also present an unforeseen danger.

Cats may also get trapped in cabinets or stuck in a room. Our homes are full of places where cats can get trapped while running around or if there is a draft. If no one is there to let them out, they could cause damage to the home by urinating and defecating in closets or, worse, going without food and water access for days.

Cat Care Basics: Cats Can Get Injured or Ill

When cats get sick, their health tends to go downhill very quickly. Often things like bladder or kidney infections can show up overnight. Cats can throw clots, which are medical emergencies in which cats suffer and may need to be euthanized to prevent further agony. 

If no one is there to notice the symptoms of serious medical conditions, it may be too late to intervene upon your return. To make matters worse, your pet may have suffered needlessly for hours or days.

Cat Care Basics: Cats Get Stressed

cat care katy txEven the most easy going cats experience some stress from their humans’ absence. Stress can exacerbate health conditions and behavioral concerns. From inappropriate scratching to litter box refusal, anorexia, and vocalization, a cat’s stress can manifest in many undesirable ways.

Daily Pet Sitting Visits for Cats: Cat Care Budget

As their guardians, we must ensure that our cats get the care they need while we can’t care for them. For this reason, it’s critical to consider the expense of daily in-home cat sitting visits or boarding in our travel plans and budget. Budgeting for proper care of our cats is not only the responsible thing to do, but it’s also the most compassionate. 

Daily Pet Sitting Visits for Cats: Cat Parent Peace of Mind

Having a professional caregiver stop by at least once daily to check in on your cat’s physical and emotional well-being will not only ensure their safety and comfort. Still, it will also give you peace of mind knowing that any emergency or concern will be managed by one of our professional pet care providers.

Ideally, your cat sitter should come at least once daily every day you’re gone, including travel days, unless your departure time is after 4 PM. Twice-daily visits are even better if your budget allows because it only takes a few seconds for a tricky situation to go from bad to worse.

Animal Admiration Pet Care Services Katy, TX

At Animal Admiration, we work with you to design the perfect cat care schedule based on your travel itinerary. Our cat sitting services in the Houston, Katy, and Cypress areas are designed to make your travels more convenient and worry-free.

To learn more about our cat sitting services, email us at info@animaladmiration.com or call (281) 391-1015. Animal Admiration currently serves the following areas of Houston: Katy, Fulshear, Richmond, Energy Corridor, Memorial, West Houston, Cypress.



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Animal Admiration Pet Care Services Katy, TX

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