Cool Gadgets and Toys for Your Pets

Cool Gadgets and Toys for Your Pets


The newest coolest gadgets of the season are always a big topic come Christmas time.  But we’re not the only ones who love new gadgets and toys, your pet can also get in on the fun!  Here are some awesome gifts that you and your pet can both enjoy.

Chuck It Throw ToyAll the throw without the shoulder pain and slobber, the Chuck It throw toy is like the catapult your dog’s ball across the yard.

PetCam:  Viral videos here we come!  This nifty little gadget clips right onto your pet’s collar and records their every move. You can check up on them for safety’s sake or just a laugh, either way tapping into your pet’s daily activity is no doubt something we all want to do.

Automated Laser Pointer:  I think my cats would love this one. Basically a tiny tower that has an automated laser pointer inside.  They get exercise and you get a little entertainment, can’t go wrong right?  Just switch it on, sit back and enjoy the show!

Dyson Groom:  A flowbee for dogs?!  Well, why not! Groom your dog at home and keep the fur away at the same time.  This groovy gadget attaches to your vacuum and lets you brush, groom and de-fluff your pet all at once. You get a nicely groomed pup, minus the mess that will give you a few extra weeks in between grooming appointments.

Treat Launcher:  Much like the Chuck It toy for treats, this treat launcher will fling their noms with just a click of a button.  They get a little exercise, you get to relax, plus they get a treat at the end, can’t get much better than that.

Pet Umbrella:  This is definitely a must have, with this cool invention you can keep your dog dry while walking in the rain.  A personal pet umbrella is made onto the leash; they stay dry without you having to struggle with a giant umbrella that stays over you both.

Fold-up Chair with Pet Compartment:  As an avid camper, I really love this idea.  This fold out canvas chair actually has a dog compartment underneath it.  Dogs love to be outdoors, but sometimes the open space can be too much for them and they need a closed-in area near their loved one.  That’s why this chair is the best.  You can sit by fire at the campsite, or even take it to a tailgate and make sure your dog is included, but protected.

No doubt with just one of these neat gadgets you and your pet will be having so much fun.  After all, Christmas is the time of giving and our fur children are a big part of our lives. Get them something they will love and will help you give them the life that they deserve.








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