Celebrating Valentine’s Day with A Beloved Pet

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can often be filled with high expectations and end up with a bust. That’s why we at Animal Admiration think spending the day with your eager-to-please pet(s) is, by far, the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Here are some of the ways we encourage you to enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day with a beloved pet.

dog katy texasCelebrating Valentine’s Day with A Beloved Pet: Share a Gift Basket

Grab a gift box or basket full of gourmet snacks for you and your pooch to savor, toys to play with, etc. as a token of your mutual admiration and sentiments. The idea here is to partake in a shared experience and we all know pets love food, especially when it’s their favorite treat or snack!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with A Beloved Pet: Bake Homemade Goodies

Satisfy your sweet tooth by baking yourself some sugar cookies and some special treats for your Valentine. For cats and dogs, consider dehydrating some chicken breast or beef liver. And, for those that are less adventurous, check out this awesome Valentine’s Day recipe for dogs.

cat sitter katy texasCelebrating Valentine’s Day with A Beloved Pet: Petflix & Chill

What could be better than snuggling with your pet to watch a pet-centric flick like Homeward Bound, White Fang, or Turner & Hooch on Valentine’s Day?!  Snack on your cookies or some lightly salted popcorn and get cozy while bonding (and sharing in moderation) with your furbaby.

cat sitter katy texasCelebrating Valentine’s Day with A Beloved Pet: Take a Walk or Hike

What’s more appropriate on Valentine’s Day than taking a stroll with the one you love? Choose your usual route or drive to a nearby hiking location and take in the sights, smells, and sounds together. This red dog collar and leash is perfect for the occasion. It will light up your night walks in a crimson shade that everyone will go gaga over.  Take an evening stroll with your pet in style, plus it makes your walk safer in the winter months when it gets dark earlier.

dog sitting katy texasCelebrating Valentine’s Day with A Beloved Pet: Go to Brunch

Grab a bite to eat at a pet-friendly café or restaurant before exploring a nearby part or window shopping in town. Your dog will enjoy getting to see other people, sniff new spots, and maybe get a bite of those blueberry pancakes you ordered.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with A Beloved Pet: Go Shopping

Head out to the pet store to get your pet a new toy and some treats. Whether you bring your dog on leash or your cat in their backpack, they will enjoy getting out of the house for some enrichment and new stuff. Then, spend the afternoon paling around with their new toy either at home or at the park.

Animal Admiration Pet Care Services Katy, TX

Spending Valentine’s Day with your pet is a wonderful way to celebrate your constant companion, unconditional love, and the bond you share with your pet. At Animal Admiration, there are few things we enjoy more than spending time with pets and thank our clients for giving us the opportunity to do many of the above-mentioned activities 365 days a year.

We offer pet sitting and dog walking in KatyFulshearRichmondEnergy CorridorMemorialWest Houston, and Cypress. To learn more about our team and our services, contact us at info@animaladmiration.com or (281) 391-1015.



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Animal Admiration Pet Care Services Katy, TX

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