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You CAN Reduce Anxiety in your Dogs

You CAN Reduce Anxiety in your Dogs

Reducing your dog’s anxiety may seem like a losing battle, but it is possible!  By being patient, diligent, proactive and hopeful, you can help your canine friend.  There are ways to reduce and prevent anxiety in your dog as well as keep him safe from fleeing.  ...

Sileo Anxiety Relief for Dogs

Sileo Anxiety Relief for Dogs

July 4th always brings about a certain level of anxiety for many dogs across the country. While many July 4th parades and fireworks displays are being cancelled due to COVID-19, your dog still may have to deal with the noise erupting from fireworks at neighborhood...

Graduation: How to include your pet in the festivities

As part of the family, our dogs are always by our side and we like to include them in all family celebrations, so why not include them in graduation, too? After all, who was steadily by the graduate’s side during midnight study sessions? As usual, the family dog! ...

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dogs

Valentine's Day gifts for dogs are hot right now. Did you buy a few Valentine’s Day gifts for your dog? I hope so! If not, there’s no time like the present! No pun intended.  I mean why not? After all, Valentine’s Day IS the day of love and most people love their dog...

The Best Shampoo for Dogs

The best shampoo for dogs is out there, you just have to look for it. It’s such an overwhelming process, isn’t it? There are so many options on the market nowadays, it’s hard to know which one is best!  We’ve narrowed down some of our favorites to help you start your...



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