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I often think that my phone is not a phone at all. Rather, it’s a tiny computer with a telephone feature. Like most, I usually use my phone more for the apps it holds than its phone capabilities. I use apps to stay connected on social media, access business tools, play games, count steps and calories, and even track stars and planets. Anything we can think of now has an app to make it accessible and practical, including pet-friendly apps that help us track our pet’s health and training. Today, I want to share my list of the best pet-friendly apps for 2023.

Best Pet-Friendly Apps: Dogo Training & Tricks App

dog sitting katy, texasUsed by over 4 million dog lovers worldwide, Dogo allows users to choose one of 100+ tricks to teach their dog(s.) Each trick comes complete with video instructions and steps. Dogo enables families to use one login to keep track of their family dog. In addition, it has a built-in clicker feature and whistle to mark desired behaviors. Finally, the app developers created the app to be a two-way communication tool in which users can send their progress videos to get feedback on their dog’s performance and connect with a professional dog trainer to troubleshoot behaviors.

With all its features, Dogo is a paid app but offers a free 7-day trial to ensure it’s something that works for you and your dog.

Best Pet-Friendly Apps: Lumsters App for Cats

cat sitting katy, texasDog lovers may have access to more apps than cat lovers but Lumsters ensures that cats aren’t entirely left out of today’s technological and training advancements. Lumsters provides tips and step-by-step instructions to teach cat commands using a clicker, whistle sounds, or treats. From “come here,” to “sit,” “high five,” and more, Lumster users can train cues and tricks just like celebrity trick trainers. You’d be surprised how much cats love training and how rewarding the experience can be, especially when you have an app in your pocket to do just that.

Best Pet-Friendly Apps: Great Pet Care Mobile App

pet care katy texasI have trouble keeping up with my pet’s paper records since they only go to the vet once a year. Now, pet parents can keep all pet information in one easily accessible place. From vaccinations, visits, and ID numbers, to weight charts, the Great Pet Care Mobile App keeps it all in the palm of our hands.

Technology like this can really help keep things simple and accessible. Imagine you’re on a trip, you’ve left your pet in our care, and we call you to ask a question about your pet’s most recent veterinary visit. You’d have the answer right at your fingertips!

Best Pet-Friendly Apps: iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker App

dog sitting katyAnother great training tool for your dog, iTrainer’s Dog Whistle & Clicker app makes training simple and easy by bundling sensory markers like a dog whistle, clicker, and squeaker toy sounds in one place. There are over 50 sound options to choose from, allowing you to select the frequency and pulse that works best for your pup and avoid those that can be off-putting to them, thereby keeping all training positive.

Best Pet-Friendly Apps: BringFido App

dog sitter katyWith BringFido’s app, you can search for pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and parks near home and while on the road. BringFido claims to be “the #1 trusted resource for dog owners looking for the lowdown on the best hotels, attractions, and restaurants that welcome pets.” I have to agree. To me, BringFido is synonymous with pet-friendly sightseeing and travel. Their app brings extensive information from their website to our smartphones, giving us on-the-go access to pet-friendly information in the US and worldwide at no charge.

Best Pet-Friendly Apps: Precise Pet Care App

pet sitting katyOur new scheduling software, Precise Pet Care (PPC), is a much more robust and efficient system than our previous software, Power Pet Sitter. Precise Pet Care offers users a desktop site as well as a mobile app. Clients may use the PPC app, which is free to download from your phone’s app store, to gain access to the same features you would enjoy online. The app’s features include the ability to schedule appointments, update household and pet care details, and engage with your pet sitter and/or Animal Admiration’s administrative team. While you can use the PPC desktop site in many of the same ways you used PPS, we encourage you to download the Precise Pet Care app to use the system to its ultimate potential.

Download the app for Android and Apple today!

Animal Admiration Pet Care Services Katy, TX

At Animal Admiration Pet Care Services, we are a technology-based company. Using our online scheduling software and its related mobile app ensures accuracy and reduces the chances of incorrect requests and missed appointments. By using our technology for future requests and visits, you will become more comfortable with our software and scheduling processes. You will also enjoy real-time updates, logs of upcoming and past appointments, and more. Whether you need a last-minute visit or have to communicate pertinent information directly to our team, having the ability to contact us via the Precise Pet Care mobile app is peace of mind in your pocket.

At Animal Admiration, we offer pet sitting and dog walking in KatyFulshearRichmondEnergy CorridorMemorialWest Houston, and Cypress. To learn more about our team and our services, contact us at or (281) 391-1015.



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Animal Admiration Pet Care Services Katy, TX

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