Benefits of Hiring a Male Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

When it comes to pet sitting, the image that often pops into our heads is a woman cuddling a cat or dog. But, the world of pet care is far more diverse than that. There are many benefits to hiring a male pet sitter for your furry or feathered friend. Today, we’re discussing the Benefits of Hiring a Male Pet Sitter or Dog Walker and why men can be equally “pawsome” pet care providers as women.

Benefits of Hiring a Male Pet Sitter: Gender Shouldn’t Matter

Before we get into the benefits of hiring a male pet sitter, we want to address the facts: the gender of your pet sitter or dog walker shouldn’t matter. What matters is the caliber of the pet sitter you engage.

Before focusing on gender, consider the pet sitter’s professionalism, skills, and reliability. We recommend choosing an established pet sitting company with backup plans, backup sitters, insurance, bonding, and technology that prioritizes seamless communication. If you are choosing a pet sitter or pet sitting company based solely on the gender of the pet care provider(s), you’re making a mistake. Instead, focus on processes, communication, education, and community recognition.

Benefits of Hiring a Male Pet Sitter: Different Engagement Style

cat sitter katy texasTo begin with, every person and caregiver is unique – no matter their gender. Yet, we often observe that the men on our team take highly active roles when interacting with companion animals, which can be really fun for the pets.

While a female caregiver may sit and cuddle your cat while whispering sweet nothings, for example, a male caregiver may prefer more active interaction; perhaps with a vigorous wand toy or flirt pole session. Similarly, a woman may take shorter steps than a man, changing the pace and distance covered in a dog walk. Neither is wrong, both are great options for our beloved pets, but they are markedly different and equally exciting for them. They say variety is the spice of life and our pets are no different.

A change in caregiver allows our pets a change in energy, interaction, and affection style. We therefore encourage pet parents to embrace a male pet sitter or a change in primary pet sitter if one is assigned, assuming your pet is comfortable meeting and interacting with unfamiliar yet adequately trained caregivers.

Benefits of Hiring a Male Pet Sitter: Socialization & Positive Association

Unfortunately, because veterinary medicine is often male-dominated, the only unfamiliar man a pet may interact with regularly is a male veterinarian. And, we all know that veterinarians can be a tough pill to swallow – pun intended – for our pets.

Hiring a male dog walker, pet sitter or cat sitter can help socialize pets to men in a positive way. From going on walks to enjoying playtime and meals, a male caregiver can change a male-cautious pet’s mind about men. Similarly, male pet sitters and dog walkers can also help puppies and kittens develop a positive association with men during key “sensitive” developmental periods. Nothing against male veterinarians – we love all vets! – but male pet sitters are usually more fun – from a pet’s perspective anyway!

Our male pet sitters are aware that many clients and pets may expect to have a female pet sitter and they are happy to discuss your or your pets’ hesitation around unfamiliar men during the initial consultation. Our goal is not to change your mind, simply to put your mind at ease.

Please note that, because we respect the needs of the pets in our care above all things, we ask that you please inform us if your pet has severe reactions to unfamiliar men. Having this information will keep your pet comfortable and our male team members safe.

Benefits of Hiring a Male Pet Sitter: Physical Strength for Special Needs & Aging Pets

dog walker katyWe know many physically fit and strong women in the pet sitting industry. That said, a larger, stronger man might be just what your aging, ill, or special needs pet needs when they have trouble standing, moving, etc. Depending on a dog’s size, we often receive referrals from smaller businesses or solo pet sitters that are unable to adequately respond when a situation requires physical strength for special needs or chronically ill and aging pets.

The referrals come in part becaues a large dog needing transport during an emergency could prove a challenge for someone who is not physically able to respond. If a large or heavy dog cannot move, stand, jump into a vehicle,  etc., he can prove difficult to handle when time is of the essence. Having a pet sitter who can handle large dogs in these times is a blessing.

Having sitters on the team that have greater strength for lifting or moving objects is also great from a managerial perspective because we can count on these sitters – male or female – to support others that cannot physically respond to a pets’ needs. Teamwork really makes the dream work. Our diverse team showcases varied strengths and talents; it’s often what makes Animal Admiration a top choice for special needs and senior pets.

Animal Admiration Pet sitting dog walking Services Katy, TX

To learn about the many ways in which the Animal Admiration team is equipped to meet your pets’ needs and to discuss the benefits of our in-home pet care services, contact us at or (281) 391-1015. Our team of outstanding pet care providers offers quality care dog sitting, cat sitting, and dog walking services in KatyFulshearRichmondEnergy CorridorMemorialWest Houston, and Cypress. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you meet your pets’ needs!



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Animal Admiration Pet sitting dog walking Services Katy, TX

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