Animal Admiration’s Pet Care In-Home Consultation

Because it is our mission to provide the best in personalized care for your pets, we require an introductory in-home consultation for all new clients. Animal Admiration’s pet care in-home consultation is of critical importance because it sets us up for success when caring for your pet(s) and your home.

When and where?

Our in-home consultation is scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time, which is set up directly between the pet sitter and the client. The consultation takes place in the home where services will be provided.  We request approximately 20-minutes of your undivided attention during our consultation; this will allow us to gather and review all pertinent information.  * Should an in-home consultation run over 30 minutes it is subject to being charge a standard visit fee. *

Why are pet sitter consultations important?

First impressions

A consultation, simply put, is a chance for both the client and pets to meet the pet sitter in the comfort of their home. In-home consultations give pet sitters a glimpse into the pet’s behavior, quirks, and overall needs. They also allow us to familiarize ourselves with the home and areas where the pets will remain during services.

In addition, consultations allow us to ascertain if any behaviors we observe may create a roadblock to caring for your pet. Because the safety of your pet and that of our sitters is our top priority, we must be sure that all the pets we take on are comfortable with our presence in their home and will allow us to provide the care that you request and therefore expect while you are away.


Mike Murdock once said, “The secret of your future is hidden in the daily routine.” This is not only true for people but also rings true for our pets!

Our ability to understand your pet’s routine can be a great predictor of the pet’s overall comfort level while you’re away. During the in-home consultation we will discuss your pet’s dietary needs, restrictions (if any), regular walking routes, as well as the location of leashes, toys, food, bowls, litter boxes, cleaning supplies, carriers, and more.

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During the consultation, we will discuss what you can expect from us before, during, and after pet care visits.

We will collect all pertinent care instructions and expectations as well as answer any questions you may have. The consultation is an excellent time to express concerns, discuss travel dates, and more. We encourage you to use this time fully by preparing a list of questions/concerns before we arrive.

Keys to the Kingdom

Assuming your pet is a good candidate for in-home pet care, we will collect two sets of house keys with which to access your home during services. We ask that you please test each key with the door closed before our arrival to ensure that the copies you are handing us work properly. Malfunctioning keys may cause delays and interruptions of service due to inaccessibility. Should we need to wait on a locksmith we do charge an hourly rate of $40.00 in addition to the locksmith bill.

You may also provide us with any alarm codes, smart lock codes, garage codes, etc.  We strongly recommend if providing a smart lock code to also include one hardcopy or a hide-a-key location.  Power outages or batteries issues could cause delays and interruptions of service due to inaccessibility.

For mailbox keys and garage remotes, you are welcome to leave these items on your kitchen counter for use during services. We will leave them in your home on the day of your last scheduled visit.

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Complimentary Consultation with Signed Contract

Our initial in-home consultation allows both parties to confirm that we are a good match for professional in-home pet care. That said, if services are not contracted at the time of the initial consultation, a fee of $25.00 will be charged to cover our pet sitters’ time and travel.

In the case that an additional consultation is requested, a full pet visit fee will be charged.

If you are not ready to schedule a consultation with a member of our pet sitting team, we encourage you to contact us by phone. We are happy to answer any questions you may have to help you avoid the consultation fee if our services are not the right match for you or your pet.


Animal Admiration Pet Care Services

To schedule your initial in-home consultation with us, please refer to our Contact page, or contact us at (281) 391-1015 or We look forward to meeting you and your pet(s)!



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