Why Choose Animal Admiration for Quality Pet Care?

Why Choose Animal Admiration for Quality Pet Care?

The foundations of our company started way back in 2003, when owner Brooke Rozell started working professionally as a pet sitter. She learned to provide quality pet care to all the puppies, cats, and dogs she worked with.  She went on to form Animal Admiration Pet Sitting LLC in 2011, and with the help of pet professionals, has created a brand that offers quality, skilled care for all pets. Our services, which include mid-day walks, vacation care, and help training new additions to your family, are offered with the perks of technology but with a personal touch.

With the sudden availability of online freelancers offering pet care services, clients may wonder why they should stick with their established provider.  True, it is now possible to dial up a freelance pet sitter through an online service, but it is like playing roulette in which person will answer the bid for service.  While the convenience of hopping online and getting on-demand service from the first person available can be tempting, businesses like Animal Admiration offer next-level care that is not comparable in many ways.

Commitment to Quality

From the very start of the operation, Animal Admiration focused on quality over quantity.  Through continued education and professionalism, Animal Admiration has focued on providing the same excellent care from the same pet professional every single time.  All service providers have demonstrated years of devotion to the welfare of pets, and with that comes the knowledge of what to do in all situations.

Mid-day dog walks are one of the most valuable services Animal Admiration offers.  In order to provide the best experience, we insist on a consultation visit as an introduction to the fur-baby in question. We learn about your pets’ routines, any special services they might need, and concerns you might have.  From this step on, you have an expert who knows exactly what your pet needs and what you require from them.  Animal Admiration has a reputation for long-term solutions and strong relationships, not the quick fix that you will never see again.

Services to Fit Your Needs

Animal Admiration offers services to appeal to any situation: mid-day check-ins, puppy service, cat sitting, overnight service, emergency vet drop-off, pet taxi, pet supply delivery service, home care, plant care, and pool care. Our list of offerings is endless, and we are happy to provide quality services that fit your needs and your schedule. We don’t just care for pets, we also offer solutions for your life with pets and all the surprises they include.

If a client is stuck away from home and their dog has their legs crossed, a call is all that’s needed for a quick mid-day walk. Fortunately, with an established relationship, our pet professionals at Animal Admiration are already familiar with pet’s routines and can slip in and out to offer needed attention in a busy workday.  No matter the situation, Animal Admiration can set up a care plan that perfectly matches your needs.

Satisfied Clients, Years of Perfect Results

The number one difference between services from an online database and that of a business with a stellar reputation is reliability.  Clients looking to welcome a person to care for their pet when they aren’t home, need to feel secure that the person they hand the key to is trustworthy.  With over a decade of satisfied customers and a devotion to our community, you can feel assured that the safety of your pet and home is our first priority.  Our reviews are very positive, and they’re all the proof you need to see that the services at Animal Admiration are focused on quality care:

“When my husband was deployed and I needed someone to help walk my German Shepherd mix, Brooke was recommended by a neighbor. I work 12-hour shifts and couldn’t stand the thought of my furry family member being home alone for so long, but I was nervous because I’d never used a service like Brooke’s before. I am SO happy to have Brooke! I schedule appointments online to let my dog out and take her on walks while I’m at work, and Brooke has even driven my dog to boarding when my flight was early in the morning. She is reliable, responsible, and obviously cares about animals. Even when my husband returns from overseas we will continue to use Animal Admiration!” – Molly A.

We’re Here for You

Despite the availability of trendy alternatives, an established business offers you the best value: online communication and booking, the assurance that they know what they are doing, and an impeccable reputation to match.  Why search online for a pet provider when Animal Admiration comes with peace of mind and the passion to match?

For more information on our services, contact Brooke at (281) 391-1015 or email us at info@animaladmiration.com.




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