Pet Adoption – Top 5 Places in and around Katy, TX

Pet Adoption - Top 5 Places in and around Katy, TX

Tis the season for pet adoption! Families all around ponder getting a furry member for a big Christmas surprise. And luckily in the Katy, Tx area there are some great places where you can find the perfect pet for adoptions. Plus, you’re giving a gift of a new home when you adopt or rescue instead of buying a new pet.

Top 5 Pet Adoption Places Around Katy, Tx:

17555 Katy Freeway

Houston, Tx 77094

Telephone: 281-497-0591

3830 Greenhouse Rd

Houston, TX 77084

Telephone: 281-579-PETS (7387)

3200 Carr Street

Houston, TX 77026

Telephone: 713-837-0311

14700 Almeda Rd

Houston, TX 77053

Phone: 713-433-6421

900 Portway Dr

Houston, TX 77024

Phone: 713-869-7722


Things you need to know before you adopt a pet for a Christmas gift

Getting a new pet can be absolutely wonderful, there are some things you need to consider before you adopt a pet as a gift. Sadly, statistics show that almost 20% of animals adopted from the shelter are taken back.

  • How much time will you have to care for them?
  • Who will be the primary care-taker?
  • Are you aware of the annual cost of ownership?
  • Do you have all the necessary supplies?  
  • What temperament of pet would you like?
  • Don’t rule out adopting a senior pet!

All of these things need to be heavily considered before adopting a new pet. Make sure you’ve taken time to figure out all the details to ensure success. Take to the shelter about temperaments as well as your daily life. And make sure not to rule out older pets. They can be great for families that don’t exactly have a ton of time to dedicate to training or watching after a new puppy or kitty.

Basically pets can make a great addition to the family at Christmas, but make sure you know that they are more than just gifts. They are new family members and unless there are extenuating circumstances, your home should now be their forever home.



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