Beating the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Rush

Beating the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Rush

After the turkey is carved and pants are let out, people all around America gear up for the biggest shopping weekend of the year.  It’s the official start of the Christmas season, sales tags hang, prices are slashed and crowds gather at store fronts. Everyone trying to get the best deal for the items on their shopping list. It doesn’t have to be all madness, however, there are a few things you can do to prepare and beat the Black Friday and Cyber Monday rush. We’ve collected a handful of helpful links you’ll need to plan where and when you’ll be shopping this weekend.

First, check online for store hours to make sure you’re at the right store at the right time.

Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday Store Hours

Official Black Friday Website

Also look online for what deals you want to shop for, most major retailers already have a Black Friday preview ads letting you know their major deals.  Here are a few to get you started…

Best Buy



Don’t forget to check out all the amazing deals at Amazon, who is capitalizing on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  In case you haven’t gotten your fill of shopping on Black Friday, don’t forget to save some money for the Cyber Monday deals.  Here are some more sites to help you plan your Cyber Monday attack.

Official Cyber Monday Website

Best Stores to Shop on Cyber Monday

The best way to conquer Black Friday and get the best deals on Cyber Monday is to do your research and plan ahead and map out exactly what you want and where.  Plan your budget, look online for deals.  Print out and bring the advertisement you see online in case there is a price dispute.  Don’t forget to go over the stores sale and return policies.  A lot of stores have a no refund policy on Black Friday deals.  Don’t wait, stores are already running sales with Black Friday pricing, so get to shopping!

One last tip, go ahead and get online and fill up your shopping cart, then don’t check out.  Some retailers will offer you a discount when you leave items in your cart for a few days.  Last year Walmart e-mailed me two days after I was browsing for gifts for my son, they were offering me 10% off a toy I was planning to get him anyway.  It worked, I got the toy early and saved a nice chunk of change on it too!

Whether you are pro-shopping on Thanksgiving or you want to spend the day with your family and then head out in the wee hours of Black Friday,; or you may may want to skip the crowds and go straight for Cyber Monday, either way a little research and planning will go a long way.   HAPPY SHOPPING!





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