Thanksgiving Safety Tips For Pets

Thanksgiving Safety Tips For Pets

You’re busy cooking Thanksgiving dinner, then inevitably at some point you look over and see those adorable puppy eyes, sitting there patiently waiting for you to drop just one tiny morsel in their direction. While you prepare the food, it’s easy to want to share some of the delectable dinner with your fur baby.  But it may be best to not give into the temptation to dole out a portion to your pooch without double checking what you are giving them.  Some Thanksgiving food is perfectly safe for your dog, in moderation, some versions are better than others and then there is some food that you should avoid at all costs.  Here is the breakdown on how to navigate Thanksgiving with your pets.

There are a few ways to safely include your pup in your dinner if you want them to enjoy a special treat.

Say Yes To:  Lean turkey breast, potatoes and carrots before they are spiced and slathered in butter, plain green beans, pumpkin puree (not the pie filling) and plain sweet potatoes. Also, they can have a few bites of the rolls before they are buttered up.

Say No To:  When it comes to the turkey, leave out the skin and bones. Gravy and green bean casserole.  These are definitely a no-go for your pet because they usually have onion, garlic, raisins and mushrooms in them all of which are potentially harmful for your dog.  Also, anything too spicy or with too much sugar or butter will give them a stomach ache.

Safety Tips: Make sure to dispose of bones ASAP.  Bones can splinter and damage the esophagus or intestines. If you take out the trash immediately then Fido won’t have a change to rummage through it. Also, let guests know they house rules of what to feed your pets so you’re not left with a sick pooch after everyone leaves.  Lastly, make sure to update pet tags and microchip information just in case they make a hasty departure when guests arrive.

Thanksgiving is a great time to get together and enjoy a feast with friends and family.  It’s a joyous occasion and your dog knows it’s a special time of year as well.  So, of course we want to let them share in the season and give them some food that they wouldn’t usually have.  Just make sure you give them what is good for them and avoid any unnecessary trips to the vet.  Vets actually see an increase in office visits after major holidays due to upset tummies and other digestion issues.  If you know the good food to feed them, then you can be one less appointment on their books and have a calm and safe holiday.







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