Fall Fun With Fido in the Katy, Cypress, Spring and W. Houston Areas



October is finally here! The temperatures are starting to fall along with the leaves. Even better than that, Fall festivals start popping up everywhere. Now that the oppressive heat of summer is subsiding, going to out for some fall fun is a must. [Read more…]

Keeping Pets Safe on Halloween

brooke - week four - halloween safety image

Fall is in full swing and Halloween is just around the corner.  While most people really enjoy the festivities of Halloween, our pets are not always the biggest of fans. I mean, it’s like you can almost hear their thoughts play out during the month of October, “Hey you guys! Sooo, what is going on with that crazy black cat in the yard doesn’t move?  And what is up with all these white strings everywhere with spiders in them?  And why don’t they move either?!  Seriously guys, I’m for real now, there’s a really really skinny person that cackles and lights up every time you walk by, why is he even here?! Most importantly, what is going on with your face and who are all of these weird looking people coming to my door?!!  HELP ME!!!” 

As you can imagine, it can be a little bit of a stressful time of your pets, but it doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare for them. There is no reason we can’t enjoy this jovial time with our pets in tow. Take a look at these few simple ways to keep them happy and safe all Halloween. [Read more…]