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by Geri Preisser on Animal Admiration
We knew instantly she was the one!

We moved to Katy a year ago and needed someone to watch our 2 cats. After making several calls, Brooke was the only one who would come out to our house to meet us and our pets before watching them. Watching Brooke interact with our 2 cats (one of which is a little on the "shy" side) we knew instantly she was the one who would take care them just like we would. I didn't hesitate in hiring Brooke and I have used Animal Admiration each time we have needed a pet sitter. Brooke gives us the piece of mind that we need when we leave our cats home. We highly recommend Brooke and Animal Admiration!

by Ron Veillon on Animal Admiration
Animal Admiration was quick to respond and happy to help us out

I'm very happy with the care my dog received over the weekend! We had To find a dog sitting company last minute to get a sitter for our dog over the weekend and Brooke with Animal Admiration was quick to respond and happy to help us out. Our dog is a very anxious dog and doesn't travel well, so I was so happy to see him comfortable, happy and well taken care of when we got home. I highly recommend using this company 🙂

by Chrissie Dugas on Animal Admiration
Brooke is outstanding!

Brooke is outstanding! Our dogs, and rabbits, are our "kids". We trust Brooke and know our dogs are loved. Plus her presence adds home security while we are away. As a canine behaviorist, I know when my dogs are stressed or unhappy. But whenever we return they don't display any distress signs when Brooke cares for our animals. It's comforting to know they are happy while we are away! Thank you so much, Brooke.

by Don Shank on Animal Admiration
I have never been disappointed with her

I've been using Brooke (Animal Admiration)for a few years, I have never been disappointed with her. She is constantly working with our busy and changing schedule. Our baby is very special to us and Brooke treats her as good as and I think sometimes better than we do. She even went back to our house because our alarm went off just to make sure everything was okay. She has become part of our family and we are blessed to know her. Oh, our baby girl adores her too.

by Kathleen McKevitt on Animal Admiration
Exceptionally Trustworthy!

Animal Admiration is AWESOME!! Brooke is always willing to go the extra mile and forms true bonds with the animals she cares for and their families. She is exceptionally trustworthy and will work with your schedule, crazy as it may be! Her services are wide-ranging and fitted to what you and your pet need and always done with a smile!!

by Darrell Zwink on Animal Admiration
Brooke has been a God send

When we got our newest puppy she wouldn't use the litter box like her older brother had been trained to do when he was a puppy. We found ourselves with a puppy that needed to be let out every day for the next four months before she would be sent to training and had never used a pet sitter before and needed one fast. I then remembered my vet's niece being a pet sitter so we got in touch with Brooke at Animal Admiration. Brooke has been a God send. She's extremely professional and like her uncle Dr. White of Briarcrest Vet Clinic, she clearly loves animals. We used her for four straight months without any incidents whatsoever and would not hesitate to use her again when the need arises.

by Rosslyn Duncan on Animal Admiration
Brooke is a highly professional sitter

Brooke is a highly professional sitter. She is extremely responsive to my pets needs and I am confident that while I am away my pets are being looked after with compassion and every need is being catered too.I always return to find my animals completely relaxed and stress free.I would recommend Brooke to any pet lover as she really cares for the animals and that's so comforting to pet owners.

by Molly Abel on Animal Admiration
I'd never used a service like Brooke's before

When my husband was deployed and I needed someone to help walk my German Shepherd mix, Brooke was recommended by a neighbor. I work 12-hour shifts and couldn't stand the thought of my furry family member being home alone for so long, but I was nervous because I'd never used a service like Brooke's before. I am SO happy to have Brooke! I schedule appointments online to let my dog out and take her on walks while I'm at work, and Brooke has even driven my dog to boarding when my flight was early in the morning. She is reliable, responsible, and obviously cares about animals. Even when my husband returns from overseas we will continue to use Animal Admiration!

by Pamela Curry on Animal Admiration
I cannot say how wonderful it is to have this resource

Brooke has cared for our cranky kitty many times while we were on vacation. I cannot say how wonderful it is to have this resource, someone who knows our pet and her routine. We easily book online, choose what service we'd like (it's always pet sit for us) and what time of day. We get an email confirmation and know that everything is set. Zoe will be well cared for. Thanks, Brooke!

by Janlyn Reed on Animal Admiration
Brooke has been our pet sitter since 2009

Brooke has been our pet sitter since 2009. When she started Animal Admiration, we followed as some of her first customers. She is extremely responsible, reliable, communicative and takes great care of our home and animals when we are away. We have a very energetic dog and a cat that likes to hide when visitors come but Brooke always goes the extra mile to show them love and attention.

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